Popular Acne Diet Plans and Tips

Diet is o­ne of the most controversial areas of discussion when it comes to the topic of health in the modern age. Biological studies suggest that there is a direct link between acne and diet. In fact, some researchers say a poor diet is responsible for up to 90% of all acne-related cases. Unfortunately, when it comes to diet everyone’s dietary needs and tolerances to different foods are different.

You should make sure that you avoid any foods you are allergic to. Testing is available at allergy specialists’ offices to find out which foods you are either intolerant or allergic to. If this is not an option the best way to see if a particular food is causing or aggrevating your acne is to go o­n an elimination diet. By o­nly following a detox diet, you can’t really see which foods your skin tolerates or not because the diet is so restrictive. I think a better way and easier way in the long term is to pick o­ne possible acne-causing food group and eliminate it from your diet for a couple of months to see if there is any improvement. For example, you can start with dairy foods…you continue to eat your normal diet but you eliminate all dairy for two months. If it works, great, if not then you can reintroduce dairy and pick another food group like high glycemic/refined carbohydrates…you do the same thing and see if it helps. As a normal rule the basic potentially acne-causing foods to test out are: dairy, carbs, high fat/fried foods, copper-rich foods and iodine-rich foods. By eliminating o­ne at a time, it will be much easier to follow than eating o­nly fruits nuts and veggies.

These following diets have been popular, and have proved successful in clearing acne for many acne sufferers.

Acne Diet Plan 1 – Dairy Free

No dairy, that means no cow’s milk or any of the foods that are derived from cow’s milk such as: cheese, yogurt, lactose, or dairy whey ext. Dairy foods contain many different drugs and hormones that come from the cow’s body. Cows are fed grain with antibiotics added to the grain to prevent the cows from getting cow diseases such as mastitis. Mastitis is an inflammation of the cows udders. Antibiotics fed to cows pass into the milk, and milk products that we consume. These added antibiotics to our diets through consumption of dairy foods can cause some of us other physical problems as well as aggravate acne. Some researchers believe that feeding so many antibiotics to food animals can make diseases that people get become antibiotic resistant. Cows are fed hormones to increase their milk production. Women are especially affected by ingesting milk products from animals that have been fed hormones as supplements. Many people are also intolerant to the lactose in dairy. Lactose is milk sugar. This intolerance can induce diarrhea in some individuals.

Acne Diet Plan 2 – Gluten Free

Eliminate all gluten containing food products, which include Wheat, Barley, Rye and others. Around 30% of people have been shown to be intolerant to gluten to some degree. This intolerance creates digestive problems which creates inflammation in the gut. The inflammation that is created is a cause of acne in persons who have this particular digestive problem. Many chronic diseases are initially caused by various food intolerances such as the gluten intolerance so by eliminating this problem you eliminate a cause of acne, and you also eliminate a cause of possible future disease.

Acne Diet Plan 3 – Lectin Free

: Lectins are sugar-binding proteins that mimic insulin. They bind to carbohydrates, and to various proteins. This binding action causes your body to attack itself, which in turn creates inflammation. This inflammation leads to more acne, among many other physiological problems. The Lectin-Free diet restricts things like grains, nightshades (ie. peppers, tomatoes, potatoes), legumes (ie. beans) and some starches.

Acne Diet Plan 4 – Detoxing

Many people have found that by getting rid of toxins and heavy metals in their bodies, their acne tends to be much less severe. Even people without acne like to detox, as it is said to improve a wide variety of health issues.

General Acne Diet Tips

1) Try to avoid as much as possible fried foods.

2) Avoid soft drinks and other high sugar articial juices like Kool-aid. Instead drink pure water or natural fruit and vegetable juices or skimmed milk ( if milk has no effect o­n your skin).

3) Eat lots of fruits and vegetables of different colors (strawberries and blueberries are great for the skin)

4) Instead of snacking o­n a candy bar or chips, snack o­n a piece of cheese with an apple or a low sugar oatmeal bar or a yogurt etc.

5) Read the labels o­n the cereals that you eat. 95 % of them are filled with sugar.

6) You can eat ( and should) lean protein at every meal but try to include lots of organic fish like grilled salmon which is delicious and great for the skin.

7) Drink lots of water. This is very important and in fact there is people who have found that drinking water alone gets rid of their acne.

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