Dermabrasion for Acne Scars

There are two different kinds of Dermabrasion, Micro, and Macro. Dermabrasion (macro) is used for large scars, wrinkles, and even for removing tattoos. Mircodermabrasion is used for uneven skin tone, shallow scars, and some fine lines and wrinkles. Mircodermabrasion is much less invasive and expensive. You might ask, “So which o­nes for me?”

When deciding which procedure to have done, you have to consider what you are having treated, if you want to have to walk around in a bandage for a week or more, and how much money you wish to spend.


This procedure is done using a spinning metal wheel with a ruff surface that the physician brushes over the skin. Heavy anesthetics must be used and it leaves you with what looks like a very nasty rug burn afterwards.

A complex 10 day post-op skin care regimen must be followed, including anti-biotic ointment, sunscreen, and sometimes even 40mg’s of Prednisone (an oral steroid)

Sometimes the area that was worked o­n can leave new scars, or even become discolored.

Note: While this is a viable option for some problems, most acne scaring can be taken care of much better with Needle Dermabrasion. I highly recommend you try that first.


This procedure involves a constant stream of fine crystals o­nto the skin. This polishes off the epidermal layers to a depth decided by the dermabrasionist. There is very little pain or discomfort felt, and there is no need for any drugs or medications. The next morning your skin will have lost all the redness and will look better than ever.

Mircodermabrasion improves the skin in almost every way imaginable, with the average of 30 minutes the procedure takes, this is well worth it.

Note: If you are looking to get rid of deeper scars this wont cut it. You want to get Needle Dermabrasion done first, then do this afterwards to smooth the skin texture and color out.

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