About The Acne Archive – 10 years of acne treatments, reviews and experiences

10 years of exceptional acne help brought to you by an exceptional community.

A real gem of acne treatments and experiences to help you win the battle for clear skin!  This is an archive of the 10 years that the community of clearskin.net shared together. We’re thankful for each member that shared their wisdom and experiences in the battle against acne and to Marilia for starting the whole thing.

What happened to the community? We’d like to think that in the wealth of acne treatments, products and diets shared on the site, each member eventually found their way to clear and acne free skin! The information that the members of clearskin.net brought together was so good that while we couldn’t continue with the forum we knew that we had to keep the information available for all those that would begin their own battle against acne. This site is here for you.

The wonderful information on acnearchive.com comes from the former acne forum clearskin.net which started as clearskin4me.com. Over the 10 years that the forum operated an exceptional community brought together some of the best and timeless acne information. That community eventually parted ways as new opportunities and life situations opened up for lead members. Before closing the doors to the site we decided that an archive of all this information needed to remain. A final thank you to all the members that helped and will continue to help so many fight the battle against acne.

A bit of information about some of the founding members:

Mari – Founder

I have been an acne sufferer for many years since the age of 13 years old. I tried many treatments and finally cleared up after a course of Accutane at the age of 29. Most of the information that helped me overcome the acne problem came from the internet reason I was inspired to build this site. Given the complexity of the acne physiology and the great number of treatments available the more informed we are is how we can best win the battle.

Mari’s Quick Facts
Born: Arecibo, Puerto Rico
Education: Bachelor degree in Industrial Microbiology
Master degree in Computer Information Systems
Hobbies: webhost, hiking, photography

Special Thanks to Clearskin.net Board Moderators and Members!

Yorkshire Gal

Well hello there! Im nat, natty, lilnat, whatever you wanna call me! Not quite sure when my acne started, probably around 13/14 and I’ve tried several antibiotics with no luck. After two courses of accutane and with the help of this site, I learned that my acne is influenced by hormones and stress and experimented with diet and vitamins supplements. My skin is a doing a lot better now. I have made some great friends o­n here, there are some really cool people and the advice and support is great! Thanks Mari!!

Hola. I’m Tom from England. I have suffered from acne since the age of 12 and it span out of control resulting in severe cystic acne at the age of 15. These days, I am 99% clear due to a strict diet regime, and I enjoy life to the full now. If it wasn’t for this website and several of its truly helpful and caring users, I’d still be suffering badly today. I feel I am a better educated person due to this website, and learn many new and fascinating facts (or theories!) each time I visit the clearskin.net forums.

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