azelic acid (azelex, skinoren) or benzoyl peroxide?

which one do you guys think is better for clogged pores?
i heard bp is better for oil control, but im not sure about what is better for clogged pores, like whiteheads and blackheads.

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2 thoughts on “azelic acid (azelex, skinoren) or benzoyl peroxide?

  1. Hey kristi!

    I’ve heard a lot of people stay away from bp altogether, although i cant really give my view cos i dont think i’ve ever used it.

    I use skinoren, just on my back and chest though because its too harsh for my face, especially while im on accutane. I think its really good for clogged pores, particularly black heads, and it must be better for acne cos bp is otc whilst skinoren/azelic acid is prescription only (here in the uk anyway).

    Hope that helps!
    Nat :angel

  2. thankyou gorgeous! that was very helpful 🙂
    i just need to know if it makes you skin oilier than normal. someone else told me it did 😕 i really dont want that. i have the acnederm one here, and i just tried it on my hand and it feels very dry and not at all greasy, so im hoping maybe the person that told me that has some other formulation. i dont want to be a grease ball again like on differin!

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