Red marks and uneven skin tone

i have quite a few red marks on my face and an uneven skin tone, anyone have any suggestions on what to use or do to even everything out?

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9 thoughts on “Red marks and uneven skin tone

  1. Have you tried MSM gel? It helps to clean pores and regenerate skin.

    I also have heard azelaic acid was good for red marks but I havent tried it myself

    Mari 🙂

  2. Some people like using tape on thier skin and peeling it off to exfoliate, clears shallow scars, and even skin tone… Might wana give this a try if your skin isnt overly dry or sensitive.


  3. try using aloe vera + moisturizer ontop of the aloe.

    apply a thin layer of 100%aloe vera (best from plant :/) thenafter it dries, apply moisturizer.. i massage a bit in, and then put on even more, i over do moisture.. cause i have dry skin normally :/

    also, try exfoliating with tape… works wonders, could balance skin over time i guess


  4. Ahhhhh, my internet wasn’t working, at last….

    About the red marks and uneven skin, I have the same problem
    what kind of tape are you guys refering to??
    like ordinary tape??

    Marilau 8)

  5. okay i’ll try those things, and also my face is dry, it used to be more OILY than normal, but then now my skin is dry, i think its because i don’t go out much.

    and when i put moisturizer on, it would look fine for an hour, but after an hour, my face would look like its very oily. i use to use clean and clear’s moisturizer but after i stoped using it, i didn’t break out as much, so now i’m using neutrogena’s anti-aging anti-blemish cream or something like that. so i’m asking what kinda moisturizer would work good for me, without making my face look so oily and help bring back moisture to my face?

  6. A lot of people like really pure Jojoba oil.. could give that a try…

    Tape: you wana use scotch tape or scotch packaging tape.. both worked well for me

  7. where can i get Jojoba oil? can i get it at a walgreens, or any store i can get it over the counter? i don’t really like getting things off the internet, or i just never have…

  8. Hrmm I know you can get it at pretty much all vitamin stores.. its one of the most popular bueaty oils… So anywhere that has a line of vitamins or skin care products would be a pretty good bet.

  9. Hiya!!!

    Dr. Hauschka sells these ampoules for sensitive skin (‘S’) and they work really well! Like if you apply one over your face just before you go to bed (don’t put anything else on top) and leave it overnight…you’ll wake up with less red and sometimes clearer (i.e. pores not so clogged) skin!!! I love it!!!

    Also, many people find that the best jojoba oil to use is the organic one sold by Desert Essence (you can probably find it in most health stores)…but I don’t really like to wear it outside ‘cos it can make your skin look pretty oily (unless you apply v.v.v.v.v. little!) Origins has a few moisturisers which I’ve tried and they work well without leaving a greasy look on the face! (You’ll need to get the one most suitable for your type of face – e.g. oily, combination, dry…)

    I’ve also found that if you apply a red clay mask (available at some health stores/stores specialising in essential oils) over your skin, it can help reduce the appearance of red/purple broken veins on your face and hence reduce the overall reddish appearance! Wonderful!

    Aloe vera is also great for reducing redness and irritation, though if you apply too much, I sometimes find that it clogs my pores a little (not too sure about this though; could’ve just been my imagination?)

    Hope all this info helps :lol

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