not much different

someone on absoluteacneinfo said this board was a lot better than absolute, but i really see no difference. it looks exactly the same only the font is smaller and the colors are different. i’m sure this board and that board could work in harmony if those unregistered people on absolute stop being so rude.

the only way i would register here is if dr nomad and all the others leave absolute alone

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2 thoughts on “not much different

  1. Welcome guest to :wave

    I must agree with you that this board and absolute board can work in harmony. There is several acne boards in the net besides absolute and this one and all I can say to you is that all boards we are here to help. I was myself a long time poster of absolute and I feel very grateful for what I have learned over the time I was there. I made a lot of friends, most of them are here supporting to create this site another powerful resource to combat acne that we all suffer from. The more we speak out the more skin care lines, dermatolgists and else skin care professionals will be challenged to create good products and finding a cure to end this condition that allude us. This is what clearskin4me looks for. Im in favor of ALL acne boards and acne sites!!!

    Feel free to post my friend and hope you enjoy your stay here. Im sorry there is nothing I could do for rude posters in absolute as Im not a mod there.

    Mari 😀

  2. I post over on absolute because people there need help too.. Im not going to ignore thier posts just because they arnt looking for help here!

    Hopefully Absolute will get a MOD soon so all those unregisterd imposters can be put to rest. :angel

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