Hey i’m ‘CLEAR’ on just bombing my system with this…

you might not believe me…but I got pretty clear, only 2-3 active pimpes from 10 just last week. ok.

first…no greasy food, chips, really red meat, seafood.

second, wash only with water, and when it gets dry and flakey, scotch tape it all away. scotch tape removes deep blackheads. works for me too well. wash in shower with warm hot water and it will get dry, and i think pores open and scotch tape works better.

i used to take fish oil vitamins aloe vera gel drink…the aloe was good cuz u mix it with orange juice and it packs like 200 minerals and vits.

second…the cure.

I cannot stress this enough……you MUST not stop this. force yourself.

DRINK 8-10 x 500ML water per day. As much as you possibly can, making you go pee EVERY SINGLE HOUR – 1.5 HOURS. DO NOT STOP DRINKING WATER. I REPEAT. DRINK 1 BOTTLE OF WATER (can be tap water if its clean and nice) EVERY SINLGE HOUR, AND PEE IT OUT. AND DRINK ANOTHER, PEE IT OUT.

my forehead is pretty much smooth, cept i learned the hard way by eating chips and seafood…broke out with 2 zits. which i can feel will NOT come to a head. all because of the WATER. WATER. WATER. H20. WATER.


thanks for listneing! :angel

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11 thoughts on “Hey i’m ‘CLEAR’ on just bombing my system with this…

  1. Yep yep… I have three 1.5 liter (50.7 fl oZ) bottles of water sitting here… Chug Chug Chug.

  2. ohh and another one…infact i have a whole pack!!!! MWhahahaha wait this isn’t that funny seeing as i’m gonna have shitty skin while u lot will stay clear! nooooo!!!!!!!!!! 😡

  3. u can get poisoned for drinking too much water you know…..same way as drinking too much, uhhhhh, window cleaner lol (except obviously in different amounts!!!!)
    thats y they recomend 8 litres a day and not 50 hehehe
    happy health!! 8)

  4. you will begin to feel noxious well before you get water poison. if any one starts feeling sick just cut back on the water intake.

    I had to take a piss test once and i drank so much water i felt noxious and almost through up.

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