About ‘hurleygurly’s regimen > baking soda

ok i will try it tomorow…

what is the ingrediant of the phisoderm clear confidence? I have ‘phisohex’ probably a simlar but perscription wash. whats ur diet like? how exactly do u do it can you please explain more?

I lack the phisoderm and the mint julpe mask too 😕

BTW the phisohex has a supposedly dangerous chemical, ‘HEXACHLOROPHENE.’ can anyone help out a lil? recently prescribed and bought.

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3 thoughts on “About ‘hurleygurly’s regimen > baking soda

  1. Hey sweatydood!
    Active Ingredient for Phisoderm Clear Confidence:
    Salicylic acid 20%

    Inactive Ingredients for Phisoderm Clear Confidence:
    water, sodium C14-16 olefin sulfonate, lauramidopropyl betaine, lauryl glucoside, soodium chloride,disodium EDTA, DMDM hydantoin, polysorbate 20, triethanolamine, iodopropynyl butylcarbamate, lactic acid, fragrance (228-143)

    My Diet:
    Well, I pretty much eat whatever I want. lol I know many ppl are on a very strict diet but I just can’t give up food! lol So i eat anything i want really. But then you have to think I dont LIKE to eat sweets and stuff. I love water and I eat fruit and vegetables as snacks. (never really been into the sweets things)

    Now, I stopped doing the regimen because I found that it worked for a while but then i skipped two days of it and i broke out all over again and it just wouldnt go away this time. so i am now starting to use tea tree oil and neosporin (sp?).

    But when i did do that regimen, this is what i did:
    AM: was face with Phisoderm Clear Confidence
    PM: put baking soda and water paste on nose/wherever blackheads are
    wet washrag and put in the microwave for one minute and rub on face (i will explain this process below)
    Ever Sunday (i later started doing this every few days): put on queen helene mint julep mask

    Wash rag process: i take a wash rag, wet it, and put it in a bowl. then i put the bowl in the microwave for one minute and take it out. it will be pretty hot so take it out of the bowl and wave it in the air for a while until cool enough for the skin. then rub gently al over your face until its not hot anymore. i did this 3 or 4 times in a row.

    I dont know a whole lot about hexachlorophene or phisohex. but i think solomio knows a little about hexachlorophene.
    Hope this helps, if you need to know more just ask!

    PS: i would definaltly get the mint julep mask. it works very well. do you live in the states?
    PSS: make sure you do this EVERY day!!

  2. what does the baking soda do?? do u only use it on your face?? i love home remedies!!

  3. i think it clears my blackheads really quickly and nicely. i just put it on my nose but wherever you have blackheads you can put it there.

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