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I’ve found an offer with the help of a mate where I can get a 365 Tab Multi-Vit for £5! My mate who’s been using them has had moderate-ish acne himself for the 4/5 years I’ve known him and we’ve often talked about different products without actually going “SO I’m an ugly spotty bugger, but you’re looking better today, how’d you do it??” 🙂 before in the passed, and he’s just told me today that thanks to this multi-vit:

“my hair looks better, skin feels good and my face looks better than ever”

So I was just wondering whether you guys thought it was worth giving a try, I’ve never really taken vits before and don’t wanna do myself more damage by taking something a shouldn’t! Anyway, I got my mate to type out the contents of the multivit for me, could any of you gurus (blatant ego-stroking attempt 😛 ) let me know how this looks? On paper at least.

Vit C – 30mg
Iron – 3.5mg
Vit E – 5mg
Vit B3 – 3.6mg
Vit B5 – 3mg
Vit B6 – 1mg
Vit B2 – 800mcg
Vit B1 – 700mcg
Vit A – 200mcg
Vit D 5mcg
Dicalcium Phosphate – 36mg
Calcium Carbonate – 14mg
Magnesium Oxide – 10mg
Ferrous Fumerate – 11mg

Plus, here’s the link is anyone’s interested too.

Just go there and search for ESSENTIAL MULTIVITAMIN

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