How to use Pictures!

Note: If you tried to upload an avatar icon for yourself before, try again as it is now working :oops

As it stands now, the best way to put an picture into your post is to do the following: Copy the Adress Bar of the picture itslef (if you cant click on the picture to single it out, right click on it and take the adress from there) and copy it onto the page, pressing alt-p (or hitting the Img button below the subject line) beofre and after copying. If you want to put one of your own pictures on, use a free file service (MANY out there) to post your pictures on first then copy from there. This helps keep this site running as fast as possible and makes it so there dosnt have to be limits on the size of the pictures used. (Uploading your own picture from your computer directly to the site to be used as your icon however is allowed, and is done through your profile(or you can use a picture from another site just using a remote link) Here is exactly how it would look before you posted it:


And the final result: (which also happens to be my favorite actress/singer :roll )

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11 thoughts on “How to use Pictures!

  1. I was going to say as Maya Nomad you are very cute!! :wink

    Nomad can you please tell us, cause i have trouble finding myself, this websites that offer free file service to post pics?

    Mari 8)

  2. Hi – I’m new!

    I am trying to load a photo but I don’t know how to make it small enough to work – i won;t allow me to upload a 10KB photo – how can I make it smaller in the yahoo briefcase area?


  3. We found briefcase dosnt work over the long tearm :'( Also, no you cant make it smaller from your briefcase. Any kind of photo/paint software will easily allow you to do this. Also, you can upload your profile avitar directly to this server instead of having to use another service. Just goto your profile and click browse where it talks about avitars, select a photo under 4k (and under the max pixel size) and hit send =)

  4. Ick.. I hate mine… I took it of myself with my friends cheap digital camera 😡 … Once all my acne problems are gone I’m gonna go out and get some professionaly done so it can look nice like yours :puppydogeyes

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