Tetracycline update, 31 days

Since this weekend is presumably the last 2 days I have left on Tetracycline I’ll try to be as informative as I can about this —
2 t pills every day
BP face wash
salycylic acid pads

Quicker results than I would’ve expected but that’s probably because of the BP and pads
Not many side effects – very little dryness
Very easy-to-follow plan, it’s took me about 15 minutes every morning and night to swallow the pill and wash my face!
It helped to lessen those red, inflamed pimples – the most noticeable ones

It was a terrible hassle to have to starve myself in the morning (you can’t take the pill with food). So by the time lunchtime came around I was always STARVING.
The fact that I had to eat healthier (to avoid yeast infections, etc etc). If you’re already a healthy eater or on a diet this shouldn’t really be a con I guess. 😀
It didn’t really clear me up 100%. If I do nothing to my face I have a lot of the noncystic type acne, and I only cleared up about 60% overall – but then again, I was only on the tetracycline for 4 weeks.

I’ve got my next appointment coming up this week and I am definitely asking for Accutane since I’ve tried just about everything else even though it REALLY scares me! There are so many bad side effects and even long term ones which are irreversible. My doctor also told me that my acne could get extremely bad during the first 2 months and my skin is already bad enough as it is! 😐 I’m just praying that it’ll be worth it in the end.

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