should i go for it

mari gonna kill me i was going back and forth with her about the accutane thing sorry mari 😕 i was on accutane 40mg two days got bad headaches derm says try lower dose im a chicken 😮 i still have a headache lol im a person that gets headaches yes but now im scared ya think i should try 10mg and risk the chance of getting a brain tumor thats sick that accutane can cause such serious side back to my question should i go for it?let me know what you guys think 😛

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2 thoughts on “should i go for it

  1. No Angelina. If you’ve gone to that low a dose and you’re still suffering; something’s not agreeing with ya girl! Don’t push it. That’s my 2cents worth – others may tell you different.
    Does the Derm reckon it’s the Accutane causing the headaches?

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