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Okay everyone- I know that I’m new here, but I’ve spent the last few hours reading most of the posts and I haven’t seen much, if anything, about shea butter.

This is an excellent mousturizer for lips, face, hand, feet, and even hair. It is made from the karite tree, and African shrub, and has no animal ingredients. The plain butter is a white substance that is thick and looks like a big tub of chapstick until you scoop itout and spread it around in your hands- it then becomes very creamy and spreadable.

I have had considerable success with this as a moisturizer and it is very cost effective, too. About 7-8 dollars for a pound (a large tub) online or about ten dollars at a health foods store for 8oz.

If anyone has any questions, please ask- thisis the best beauty product I ever bought because it has so many uses, is cost effective, lasts forever, and doesn’t break me out. It is also natural and free of any additives, fragrance, or preservatives- so chances are slim to none that it will cause a reaction.

Good luck to everyone, I look forward to being partof this board.


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  1. shea butter mosturizes like jojba, but has a thick consistency- like a chunk of chapstick, but you soften it up and it gets to be a thick cream in your hands; great for all sorts of beauty problems- especially rough hands and lips.

    For acne, I read on another forum for people who make their own health and beauty products that shea helps to regenerate damaged skin and is good for scars. I put it on my face every other day while I sleep- one night retin-a and the next night shea butter. The shea really helps soften and heal damaged skin from acne or harsh medications.

    I also heat some up in the micro and put it in my hair at night; rinse out in am- the best deep conditioner and can be used as a pomade, too.

    If anyone is interested, I can get links as to where to buy it and also recipies from my other board that you can make in your micro for very little money.

    Let me know!


  2. Okay, to anyone who might be interested in shea butter, here is a link to one of my other boards- they also have directions for making your own products :lol


    this is the one not to post on (I don’t want to piss off the sponsor either 😮 )

    Okay, where to buy the stuff-
    there is a site called health2go but I don’t have a link also in almost any natural foods or vitamin store- just call and ask.
    Thanks! :lol

  3. One of the biggest ingrediants in “carleys cleanser” in Shea Butter, this is the cleanser the majority of us use.. Its great and you only have to use it once a day!! I dont have the link on me because I lost them all when my HD went down. But do a search for it on EBAY and you will find it in a second! 8) (LOOK AT THE GOOD REVIEWS!!!)

  4. I’m so glad to have found this board and this thread in particular. I wanted to echo the wonderful shea butter! It’s really wonderful and I have just started to use it. The product I use is called Organic Body Butter…supposedly lots of Hollywood beauties use it. Its a soothing creme and does wonders for dry or ashy skin. The ingredients in it are shea butter, vitaminE Aloe Vera rosemary, sage, wheat germ oil, almond oil, olive oil, jojoba oil. I noticed a difference in my skin after the first night of wearing it. I have some scarring and it really makes a difference. I recommend Shea butter to everyone on this board. 😀 luvstorun

  5. I use this. You can find it at Wallgreens. Pretty inexpensive and you get a big tub.


  6. Right now I am clear. I was on accutane 5 months ago and it cleared me. I don’t think with the ingredients in this butter that it would cause a breakout or irritate an existing breakout. This stuff really works on scars to soften the lines and make them less noticable. It will make your skin look so dewey.


  7. Awesome, Ill have to check that out, from what you listed they all look live very high quality ingrediants, with no cheap fillers… One of the highest quality (if not the highest) products ive seen (as based on the ingredants listed to me)… Ill deffinatly check it out. This stuff sounds like a winner :mrgreen

    The oils/shea butter dont break you out because they all sooth the skin, this prompts the skin to produce less oil, which in turn, clogs less pores (the oil you put on your skin is so light and so little that it dosnt really clog your pores) The acne is caused by closed off pores that get cloged from constant over-production of sebum (doesn’t sooth the skin like these ingrediants do) Sebum serves one purpouse for humans, it makes sweat evaporate slower, keeping you more warm :onfire

  8. I have checked the site at hand and have to say at those prices and quanity you cant beat them with a stick!!!!! But, Im alittle confused as to which butter to buy. :crazyeyes

    I have been using cocoa butter for the longest time especially during the winter months because my skin becomes so damn dry. Whatever i put on it seems to soak it up and still crave more. have yet to find something orderless, beneficial, cheap, with alot of product to date.

    I want something to kill the dryness, reduce scars, fade old marks, not break me out and even help with breakouts, make my skin buttery soft, without alot of fragrance, and at a reasonal price! Which butter guys? Shea or Cocoa? And please explain why. Summer will be here in a flash even though i cant tell because of the new 5 in. of snow that was dumped over night but its still a-coming.


  9. I would suggest buying the shea butter because I have used both butters and the shea seems to work best for me and also has a lot of other uses. Happy holidays!


  10. Girl,

    I just had to bump this thread to give love for introducing me to the site on this board and Shea butter. I have had it for about a week now and use it everytime i get out of the shower. I have been using it on my body so far alittle scared to use it on my face because its so sensitive and i have been breaking out lately so thats the last thing i will put it on but as far as my skin goes…..Its heaven girl!!!!!!! My skin is so soft, discolorations are diminishing, rough and dry patches are going away, body breakouts are drying up and going away, and the toughest area-my feet are as soft as a babies cheeks…..ahahahaha Thank you so much!!!!!!!!! I ordered cocoa butter but they sent me both and i didnt even pay for it!!!!!! That was so cool!!!!!!! Plus i had asked them to include a container to put the cocoa butter in and they did it!!!!! I thought they would just over look that but they are so cool. I just love the site, the company, the reps, and their products and probably will never by cocoa butter or shea butter from anyone else on the planet!!!!!!!!!

    i cant believe after all those years of buying cocoa butter at like 7 and 8 bucks for like 6 onces or less and it most times wasnt even pure. It had a bunch of crap in it.

    Again thank you!!!!!!!!!

  11. I’ve heard of people using it on their face to fade the marks.

    Popcorn-if you want to try it on your marks, do a sort of patch test, rather than all over at first. Get a q-tip(ear swab), take off some of the cotton wool if it’s too much, and put a slight amount of the shea butter on the swab and gently rub it on to the marks, only the marks for the patch test. After a few days to wk, see if there’s an improvement.

  12. Well… I just ordered 1lb of this stuff to see if it will help my scarring. When I get done trying it for a week I will post my results.


  13. Good luck steve! I am still looking for progress day to day but it seems to be doing alot so far. Just wish i could find something to work for my acne- :cry

  14. After using shea butter for a while here is what I have noticed :

    Scars haven’t improved… so I wouldn’t buy this if you think it will help them go away. Even though I have read from the small pamphlet they included that it helps with scar tissue, it doesn’t seem to do anything for my acne scars on my forehead/temples (use to be cysts that are now red marks).

    However it seems to be a good moisturizer. Leaves my skin very oily sometimes, but that’s because my skin is already oily. If you have dry skin I would use it.

  15. Steve im so sorry that the shea didnt work for you. I am finding that its alittle limiting as well. I cant put it on my face or neck because it will cause a reaction but its good for the rest of my body-feet, legs, and etc. Its fading like scars my little kitten gave me but verrrrrrrrrrrrrry slowly. We will see, it is great for my feet though thats a given.

  16. They have really good shea butter products at Bath & Body Works. I have moisturizor, chapstick, and foot lotion and they all work really nice.

  17. Oh I love bath and body works products. Specially I love their hand lotions and glicerine soaps! They smell so nice!

  18. So do I! My fav. scents are Sweet Pea and Cucumber Melon. I just got this new body scrub from there in a big blue bottle (something about spas on it lol) and it smells really good. but anyway their shea butter chapstick is really nice on your lips.

  19. Bath and body works? I must check this out! Do they have a site? Do their products aggrevate acne? I hope not because i have been looking for a nice fragrance to wear.

  20. Here is the site Poppy however as for the face I have not tried their products, I checked their ingredient lists and they didn’t seemed safe for me. What Im impressed is whith their hand and body lotions and soaps. There is so many to choose and all smell so nice!! I think they are of the best aromatherapy products out there. I love going to their stores, which they dont exist in PR, but I went to one in NJ. Knew about the products because of a cyberfriend of mine used to send me for christmas gifts of these products :mrgreen

  21. I have never tried their face things either. But their scents are very good. They have candles that go with them and yes Mari their aromatherapy line is very good. The good thing about their lotion is that it doesnt leave you feeling oily. but it doesnt leave you dry either. its perfect! 😀

  22. Oh yeah Dana, I like the Vanilla one best 😀 however its hard to choose as so many smell so nice 😛

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