Jane Iredale Makeup

I’m going to get some of this range of makeup today – I’ve heard great reports about it, it’s natural and supposed to be great for acne-prone skin. Also, great for covering up marks and blemishes. My needling therapist wears it and says it is totally non-comedogenic.

Got an appointment at a beauty clinic this PM so that they can tell me what colour base and blush suits me (since I am totally ignorant about makeup 🙁 )

Should be fun! (I hope)


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10 thoughts on “Jane Iredale Makeup

  1. Jane Iredale is good, Maya, but honestly……Aromaleigh is better, with better skin ranges and is MUCH MUCH CHEAPER!!!

    Find what looks good on you and then order some samples from Aromaleigh if you want to save some money. Jane Iredale IS good, but it’s way to expensive for me to use on a consistant basis over any period of time. You can always check out: http://www.aromaleigh.com

    It too is a pure mineral makeup that covers really well. It’s awesome!

  2. Ahh well – just checked out that site – but they only supply within the US 🙁

    Anyway, I bought a blusher, concealer and compact foundation/powder – cost a lot actually, so will be experimenting with it later. I have a feeling that my foundation/powder is too pale, but they said I could take it back and exchange if I wasn’t happy.

  3. Gues who bought the wrong shade????????????? 🙁

    I must’ve bought 2 shades too light… it’s making me look like I’m out of the Munsters!! :puppydogeyes

  4. Maya, Jane Iredele I dont think its good. I tried it and to be honest it caused me breakout. Aromaleigh is definetly the best. Thingy with Jane Iredale is it has bismuth oxychloride, at least for me that I react to it. Try a sample first sista.

    Mari 😀

  5. aromaleigh rocks!!!That’s what i use and it makes my skin look naturally beatifull :angel I will NEVER use anything else on my sensitive acne prone oily skin.Plus the samples last FOREVER!!!If they don’t ship to the UK you could maybe get one of us to order it for you and send it to you instead?I would be happy to help because I think you will really like it and it will save you alot of money :mrgreen well…just a thought…every girl needs to find her holy grail makeup 😀

  6. This is so frustrating!!! 🙁

    Aromaleigh do not ship outside of the US and do not sell via other outlets…so I am on to a no-hoper!

  7. Yeah Maya I can order it for you! 😀 You can send me the money through Paypal. Aromaleigh is worth it and as honeybee says the samples only last a long time!

    Mari 8)

  8. Mari – Yes, I would appreciate that!! :angel And I have used paypal before.

    I am concerned about being able to choose the right colours since I have such unique colour skin – being half Indian and half Chinese, I have always found it difficult to judge what was good or bad!

    OK, I will go and take a look at their site and have a think about which samples to get first and then come back to you.

    THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :angel :angel :angel

  9. Hi Maya, it’s Lola from the other board. The Jane Iredale supplier in this country will send you free samples (of the loose powder) to help choose the colour. They are called Landmark Distributors based in 1000 North Circular Road, London. Tel 0800-328-2467, Fax 0208-450-0901. The samples are quite generous and will maybe last you a week. I find the loose powder a bit too shiny and the pressed powder has a less “made up” appearance. However, the loose powder has higher SPF.

    The Jan Marini supplier has an alternative mineral range. I think it is called something like Betty’s private collection. It looks very similar (from the brochure) to Jane Iredale but I haven’t tried it. The supplier’s number is 01279-814365. I had noticed another mineral range in the UK, but can’t remember where I saw it and how much it cost.

    I haven’t come across Aromaleigh in this country.

  10. Lola – thanks, that’s really helpful. I’ll phone them and get some samples of their powders 😀

    Mari – I think I won’t go for the Aromaleigh stuff – even on their website, it’s confusing – and then to organise all the details of shipping to you and then to me etc… it’s too much work. But thatn you so much for the offer – you’re a real sista!! 😀

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