i’m gonna try this out!!
it makes so much sense and it is so inexpensive!!
its not even a site that sells anything
it is just a regime site

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6 thoughts on “EASY ACNE REGIME!! THE ANSWER!!

  1. many of us have tried this… we find it work a bit, but makes the skin MUCH too dry, and it generally too harsh. it seems to up oil production via overstimulation. Also, even at these large doses, the BP will start to loose its effect over time.

    In short, everyone knows of this, only it just is nothing special.

  2. I cant risk MORE oil production. lol i already have oily skin. plus i have already found a really nice regimen you should try out. you can read about it in the topic called “vinegar”

  3. Good luck love! I have tried it already though when it first came out and it didnt do what i wanted it to. I think my skin hates bp or something. The cleansers and moisturiers are great though. I use the Purpose moisturiser still.

  4. here is my suggestion, I used it for almost a year straight and it almost completely cleared my moderate acne skin(nothing else but accutane has been able to do that!I’m 23 and have been breaking out since age 12 so trust me i have tried most things out there) but you’re right my skin was red and irritated and DRY all the time :cry not a great trade off.So I stopped using bp for about 3 months and tried acnemiracle’s b5(didn’t work) but I started breaking out all over again so this time when i went back to the bp but I decided to make my own 2.5% not only to save money but to put it in a base that would be soothing, not drying to my skin.Also I only apply bp once a day so my skin can handle it.That keeps me about 97% clear.I mix 10% generic bp gel with St. Ives Eye and Face Stess gel(great stuff super cheap with tons of soothing botanicals like chamomile and cucmber in an aloe like base) or aloe vera gel.This way I can make 4 oz. of my own 2.5 % bp for less than $5 and it’s the best and gentlest bp I’ve ever used- no harsh ingredients.Try to beat that!!Also my skin is super oily naturally even before the bp but that has been greatly reduced since I started using regulating gel from acne miracle with isolutrol as the active ingredient(same as ketsugo) it really does work!! One bottle costs me $10 and it lasts me for around 2 months or more.If you’ve never tryed the bp reg. for fear of irritating your skin then try my way, start with small amounts, mix your own to save money and your skin,try once a day, and give it a lttile time to do it’s thing! :mrgreen It’s really worth trying, what have you got loose?And also I have been steady using bp except for that one break for over a year and my skin has never developed a tolerance for bp.Thanks for reading XOXO~Honey

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