Has anyone tried putting vinegar on their face? I heard this worked well but it was a certain type of vinegar or something. it might have been on here where I read it but I dont think so. lol 🙂

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  1. aztec secret bentonite mask? never heard of it. where do you get it, just at CVS or something like that?

  2. Oh Im gonna get some of that! Have you ever heard of just putting plain vinegar on your face? do you think that works well also?

  3. I used apple cider vinegar for a while and although it didn’t make any significant improvemnents it certainly didn’t hurt. It may be a good choice if you have a sensitivity to the common disinfectants and wanted to try a new approach.

  4. Thanks guys! 😀 Solomio: thats really cool about the nail polish thing. ill have to try that. Last night i made a paste from baking soda and water and put it on my nose. then i let it dry and i think it really worked great! also im starting a new regimen. Its almost like the do nothing thing. here it is:
    AM: wash face with Phisoderm Clear Confidence
    Afternoon (between 3 and 4:00): Rinse face 1 time with hot water on a wash rag.
    PM: apply baking soda and water mixture. Wet washrag and put in microwave for 1 min and gently rub all over face. (the rag will be pretty hot so wave it in the air a few times) Put the rag back in the micro. and heat 2 more times.
    Every Sunday: put on Queen Helenes Mint Julep Masque

    Thats all! I did this last night and i really think its starting to help. I have done pretty much all this stuff before but Im just combining them all together. Ill let you know how it goes!

  5. hey every1 I’ve been using the regimen above for the past couple days now and i really am starting to see improvements already. my face is a lot softer and pretty much all my blackheads are gone! im so happy!! :mrgreen

  6. Hey Hurley,

    I use to use it in my old regimen like some years ago but it burned my cheeks. I even tried filling a container with water and half with the cider and then i saw nothing. Then i tried dipping my cotton ball in water first then apple cider that helped alittle bit. I noticed the scars lightened alittle bit, too.

  7. Hey Popcorn n every1 else!
    i dont think im gonna start using the vinegar unless the regimen im doing now stops working (knock on wood). so far its working great though.

  8. my nose is COMPLETELY clear now. My chin has one pimple left on it and there are still a few on my forehead. other then that everything is going good. i think this regimen is reducing oilyness also. its really great! :mrgreen

  9. Im pretty much completely clear now. i have 2 zits on my forehead and thats it. this seems like it works overnight! everytime i wake up there is an improvement! :mrgreen my face is still oily, but it seems to be reducing the oil.

  10. hmmmmm………..wonder if its 2 harsh on accutane?
    might chance it and try it hehe 8)

  11. Hey Hurley,

    What is your regimen? I mean, what do you use? Internally and externally?

  12. AM: wash face with Phisoderm Clear Confidence
    Afternoon (between 3 and 4:00): Rinse face 1 time with hot water on a wash rag. (i stopped doing this after i got cleared up. now i only do AM and PM)
    PM: apply baking soda and water mixture. Wet washrag and put in microwave for 1 min and gently rub all over face. (the rag will be pretty hot so wave it in the air a few times) Put the rag back in the micro. and heat 2 more times.
    Every Sunday: put on Queen Helenes Mint Julep Masque

    For the baking soda and water mixture, you just combine the 2 to make a paste. it lasts forever

    Its working great. :mrgreen

  13. Hey Hurley,

    I am soooooooo HAPPY your regimen is working great for you!!!!!!!!!! You have a very unique regimen. But like i always say when you find something that works please stick to it!!!!!!!!!! I saw your Am cleanser in Rite yesterday. Is it a cleanser or that swab application? What does it do for your skin? Also, you said you use hot water? Is there a reason or just something you wanted to do? About, the baking soda mixture i was shocked to hear about that. I remeber when it was one of the crazes and it broke alot of people out hahaha including me but we used peroxide instead of water so that might have been the culpret. What does it do for your skin? Are you satisfied with your over all results or do you think you have to keep working at it?

    Im sorry for all the questions but im looking for a good regimen myself. I keep trying new things every three months but its just not right yet and something is lacking. I switched my olay facials to neutrogena’s facials the oil free with the salictic acid (sp) in it and im starting to think maybe i shouldnt have. Its kinda drying just alittle not too much but my cheeks are tight right after the wash. I didnt get that with the olay version. My breakouts are about two or three around that time of the month and heavy old scarring left. Im happy because i can put makeup on and it looks half way normal. But, what i am looking for is a good cleanser and night treatment. Something that will help with old breakouts, scarring, and prevent new zits from forming. I want to use the same skin care line all around and i know that is highly unlikely but im hopeful. Also cheap i spend way to much on skin care so cheap is my middle name!!!


  14. I used to use the swabs from phisoderm but those sorta wore off after about a week of using them. I have been using the cleanser for a long time though. I use hot water b/c it opens your pores and cleans them (i think, lol thats just something i thought of). The baking soad mixture got rid of ALL my blackheads after only 2 nights of using it. I think that is about all it does. The washrag that goes in the micro gets really hot and i think that is what gets rid of my pimples. Im not sure what everything does. I just took a few things i heard of before and combined them. Im sooooo happy with the results. After doing the regimen later on tonight, i think i will be completely clear by TOMORROW! it seems that everything just happens overnight. The julep mask helps alot also. But i think it is mostly the baking soda mixture and the water that works the best.
    This regimen is very inexpensive. All you have to buy is the baking soda and face wash. Thats another really nice thing.
    My skin is oily and i think it helps the oil A LITTLE. I would like to find something that can reduce it even more though
    NOTE: I bet if you leave the baking soda on problem areas overnight it will really help.

    I dont know much about acne and stuff, all i know is this works very well. Im not going to put it in the skin care section until after about 2 weeks of using it. Just incase it ends up not working or something anymore. (knock on wood)

    Good Luck!

  15. Thanks Dana your a gem!!!!! Congrats on your results love and strut your stuff!!!!!!!!!!

    I might try the baking soda as a mask with just water. I bought some lactic peels from a skin care site and im trying it sometime tomorrow well after i put my perm in-lol. I am alittle nervous because i have never done an at home peel so thank you for the “good lucks” i need them! Fingers crossed!

  16. I am COMPLETLY clear now. :mrgreen Not blackhead, zit, or anything. I went to that party last night and i forgot my camera. so i didnt get any pics of myself. a few friends took some so i will see if i can get one and show it to you guys. its the first time my face actually looked REALLY good. lol :lol
    I have never tried a lactic peel before. let me know how it goes. Good luck! 😀


  18. Hahahaha No Mari its not Dana’s birthday hahahaha just giving her props on her clear skin. hahahahah

  19. I have been using the baking soda and water face scrub for about a wk now and have seen my pimples actually disapppear and heal better. I don’t know if the baking soda is doing all the work though cause i’ve been taking MSM tablets and NAC caps for almost 2 wks now and MSM is used to help tissue heal better and aid in collagen production. So i do believe that might be helping too. Today I tried the baking soda as a mask and that brought out so much white stuff, i don’t know if it’s what’s called white heads. I call them worms because that’s how they look when they’re coming out. I use a bobby pin to rake them out. So i don’t know if that’s a good thing to bring out all the stuff in your pores, i would think so. Have any of you had the baking soda bring out stuff out of your pores?

  20. i have only tried the baking soad thing on my nose. it worked really good. im gonna put it on as a mask like you said.

  21. oh man. i just got 3 new zits on my forehead. but i think thats b/c i didnt do my regimen on friday night or last night. (i was busy) i hope i can get them to go away tonight. :cry

  22. Hey Mimi!! Where ya been girl????? Have missed ya!

    Hurley im sorry about the three zits i wish them instant death for you! lol

  23. hehe i popped one a little bit ago. i might pop the other 2 but im still contemplating it. lol

  24. Hey POPPY. Hope you good. I’m still living. Just been dealing with school(test tommorrow) AAAH!!! and that other stuff i told you about. Will fill you in if when/if things start going ahead. Keep your fingers crossed. I’ll PM you this weekend to catch up unless you get to me 1st.

  25. Okay MIMI,

    Im glad to hear that things are on the up and up. But, dont scare me like that haaaaaaahahaha you know stress isnt good for the skin, shame on you! hahahaha Fingers crossed on your exam but you dont need it youll acne it with your hands behind your back and eyes closed, promise!


  26. hmmm i dont think this regimen is working very good anymore. i went to the body shop today and got tea tree oil, tea tree soap, and tea tree facial scrub. i will keep doing the same regimen but add the tea tree oil stuff into it. hopefully it will work out ok

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