SAW PALMETTO EXTRACT reduce oil eliminates acne

😀 Hi Everyone,
I have read that Saw Palmetto Extract (an herb) can clear up both face and body acne. A word of caution here; don’t think that if a little will help then a lot will be much better. Keep the dose within a reasonable limit and you will not experience any adverse side effects.

A while back I copied the following quote and did not indicate where I copied it from so I cannot give credit where credit is due. For what it is worth here is the information I copied down…perhaps it will help some people:


A few weeks ago I posted regarding my success
with Saw Palmetto extract clearing up my face. Sure enough, it has
continued to steadily improved, and now my back is clearing up as
well, which it never has before. After posting, I received a large
number e-mails inquiring for more details. Unfortunately I have been
so busy and their where so many questions that I didn’t have time to
get around to it until now.

So here it is, briefly. I will try to answer some of the more common
questions I received. I would appreciate for replies to be via the
newsgroup vs. email as I don’t have time to respond to everyone

First off, for those of you who don’t know, Saw Palmettos are a
variety of berries that grow in the Eastern US. The more potent
extracts that are available in health food stores and even
supermarkets are standardized to 80-95% ‘fatty acids and biologically
active sterols’. The berries are expensive to harvest so unless the
bottle specifically indicates that it is standardized to this purity,
you can be sure that it is next to useless. The Trader Joe’s chain in
California carries a standardized extract which seems to be excellent
and costs $12 for a bottle of 100 160mg soft gels. Before I found
these I was purchasing them from a health food store for about 4 times
as much. I believe Nature’s Herbs puts out a reputable product also
which you should be able to find in any local health food store.

The recommended dosage is 320mg a day, or two soft gels. I tend to
over do things so I have been taking 640mg a day. Still, a $12 bottle
lasts me about a month.

The extract has been conclusively demonstrated to inhibit
dihydrotestosterone (DHT) production in tissues. DHT is a more potent
form of testosterone and it stimulates sebum production in the skin.
By inhibiting DHT production you directly reduce the amount of sebum
your skin produces. As we all know, excess sebum (oil) is at the root
of most types of acne.

Apparently DHT levels are also related to healthy hair follicles. A
lot has been made of using Saw Palmetto to slow down or stop balding.
You can actually probably get quite a bit of information about Saw
Palmetto from the people over on alt.baldspot. I believe a major
pharmaceutical company is preparing to release a baldness treatment
consisting of Saw Palmetto. Apparently Saw Palmetto is a more
effective androgen (hormone) inhibitor than the pharmaceutical
PROSCAR. A lot has been made of this and apparently the drug companies
are beginning to respond.

Fortunately I am 24 and have a full head of hair, so I have no reason
to try to treat baldness. I do however have a ever so slight receding
hairline so I really like the idea that I may be killing two birds
with one stone.

In any case, DHT is one of the masculine type hormones, but it is
present in both men and women. I speculate that the excess hormones
pumped into our dairy products and our meat is related to the
multitude of hormone problems we see today. I have always had an
extremely strong sex drive as well as the other ‘masculine’
characteristics that go along with being a young guy.

I believe this is one of the reasons the Saw Palmetto extract hasn’t
achieved popular use. When I explained it to my dermatologist he said
that anti-androgens could cause me to develop feminine
characteristics. My view on it is that I have excessive androgen
production to begin with, and the Saw Palmetto extract can help me
balance myself out. Strange as it may sound, sometimes reducing your
sex drive can improve your sex life. But that’s just me.

As far as women taking it, I see not problem and it may actually may
make you a bit more feminine, which is good…unless your a feminist.
One thing I might point out is that taking estrogen (feminine
hormones) will not cancel out DHT production, although it may help in
other ways. The function of Saw Palmetto extract is only to inhibit
DHT, not to promote feminine hormone production. All the studies I
have seen seem to agree that at the right doses, Saw Palmetto doesn’t
cause men to go gay, to put it bluntly. Besides, even if it does, the
way I see it, I’ll have more luck with the ladies if I have clear skin
than a little more hair on my chest.

I took the extract for about two to three months before I saw an
obvious improvement. Since then it has steadily improved and my skin
as actually beginning to look decent. I get the impression that DHT is
responsible for poor skin in general and not just acne. My skin seems
to be more supple than it used to. Than again it may just be that it
is clearing up. I have stocked up on the stuff because I am afraid the
FDA is going to try to regulate it and it will get much more
expensive. A lot of pharmaceuticals companies will lose out if this
becomes common knowledge.

As a side note, apparently zinc and vitamin B6 are key in regulating
androgen production. Vitamin C helps your body metabolize the zinc.
I have been taking both for a couple of months now. It is cheap and it
can’t hurt. Iodine on the other hand stimulates the thyroid and
consequently androgen production. Switch to deiodized salt and stay
away from iodine. I have even heard concerns from the FDA that
Americans in general are getting to much iodine. I have also heard
about “Evening Primrose Oil” in passing. If anyone has more details on
it I would be interested to here.

If you are interested in more details about Saw Palmetto Extract,
check out this URL:

This guy did a great job compiling information on it. Keep in mind a
lot of it is in relation to baldness. But it does contain the clinical
studies demonstrating Saw Palmettos effectivene

If anyone has had any experience with this herb it would be interesting to read your story on this thread.

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8 thoughts on “SAW PALMETTO EXTRACT reduce oil eliminates acne

  1. I used Saw Palmetto for at least 5-6 months last year after reading about it on a board also. I did see a difference, in particular with regard to oiliness.

    I don’t take it anymore as I felt overwhelmed with regard to taking so many darn pills, but I can say that the oiliness greatly improved, and the acne. The problem I had was that I was using and doing so many things, it was hard to point to the Saw Palmetto alone. But I do believe that after about 5-6 weeks, my oiliness decreased bigtime.

    That’s pretty much my experience with it.

  2. Hi Everyone,
    I noticed someone on this board was asking about a way to decrease the oil on his skin. I remembered that someone else had experienced a decrease in oil from taking Saw Palmetto.

    Thank you Denise, 😀 for posting your experience with this very interesting herb.

    I have used herbs myself for various problems, and have been rather pleased with the results I have gotten. So it does not surprise me at all that an herb, one that is rather common in health stores, comes available under many different brand names, for many different prices, can reduct facial oilyness.

    So here is a big kick bump for this thread :rock from Mr. Rocker.


  3. :rock Mr. Rocker is giving this thread a royal kick up so more people can have the option of trying this herb to get rid of acne.
    This is a worthwhile read.

  4. I think you said it earlier Solomio, but from what I know Saw Palmetto helps balance out the male hormones. I think that Saw Palmetto is overrated, I took it for some time and didn’t see any results. I think Saw Palmetto is on a different level than Zinc, B5, and Vitamin A. Just my two cents though.

  5. 😀 Hey Wally,
    Saw Palmetto didn’t do anything for your oil?

    Sorry about the double rocker I did not realize that I had kicked the thread twice. I never took this particular herb myself, I just thought that it was worth a try for anyone who was having a rough time with heavy oil.

    Thank you for your input. :mrgreen


  6. No it didn’t really do that much, but my skin takes a lot. It took Accutane almost 2-2.5 months to stop the oil, so I tend to think that I have a worse problem than most people concerning oil. I would be curious to hear other peoples experiences with it.

  7. Thanks Solo, for bumping this up. It must have gotten lost in the shuffle cause i’ve never seen this post or used this herb.

  8. I was always curious of this herb and didnt tried it before accutane, wish i did as it does sounds promising 🙂

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