e173’s Regimen and Progress

This is what regimen I’m currently following:

–Suppliments/Detox/Food Restriction–

– 1 Super B complex 3x a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
– 1 Phyto me 2x a day (this is basically a multivitamin
– 1 500mg No-Flush Niacin (vitamin B3)
– 1 Udo’s Choice 3x a day (this is different types of oil..)
– 1 acidophilus 3x a day
– 2 vitex in the morning (this was recommended to me over saw palmetto, it also balances hormones)
– 1 halibut liver oil 2x a day
– 1 Moducare 3x a day (“Micronutrients to Balance Your Immune System”)
– 2 Milk Thistle 3x a day (detox liver)
– I was taking 1tsp of Fiber Force in a glass of water 2x a day, in the morning and before bed. (intestine detox)
– No Wheat.
– No Dairy (occasionally cheese).


– I wash my face once in the morning and once at night, I use a bar of Tee Tree Oil soap, after I wash my skin looks alot better, also feels refreshing and clean.

– Once my face is dry after washing I break of a piece of aloe vera and squeeze the juice into my hand or onto my face, I spread it evenly (not too much!) and let it dry…

– When the aloe vera is dry I over-moisturize, I use on LOTS of moisturizer, move it around so it absorbs faster.

– Every 2nd day I exfoliate with scotch tape, I do this after I wash my face and it is dry, when done exfoliating rinse with cold water.


– I wank/mess around with girls ALOT and my skin is clearing rapidly… it relieves stress.. Doesn’t stress help cause acne? :/


Well, 2 weeks ago my skin was red, sore dry, chapped, flaky, it was VERY bad, I was taking B5 & Fish oil. So I ditched the B5 and started the above,

Now my skin is the best I have seen it in a year, and I have only had acne for one and a half years. It seems every morning I wake up its better, and better! I’m so happy I finally found something that worked, after all the failed attempts something is finally working!! 😀 😀 😀 ONE-DAY YOU WILL ALL BE FREE


Oral Antibiotics (2 different types), Topical Antibiotics (Tazorac?), Naturopath cream & oil, Proactiv, Benzoyl Peroxide, B5

–My Skin–

Normally my skin is dry, my acne was mostly around my jaw line/mouth, and lower cheeks, sometimes my forehead would break out, I have never had a cyst. My acne really started to get bad a few months before I turned 15.

My parents both had mild-moderate acne.

I used to rarely get a pimple on my back/shoulders, but I haven’t in a few months…


– I drink as much water as possible, I try to chug 1-2 glasses in the morning, or whenever Im near my water cooler thing.. So I don’t have to worry about drinking enough cause by then end of the day I’ve had plenty.

– I change my pillowcase so the same surface is never used twice… just flip the pillow… rotate your pillows.. And change the covers often, it does help.

– DONT touch your face, or neck etc. Just keeping your hands away helps allot, often I do it without even noticing but since I’ve been careful the past while its been helping.

– Try and take your supplements 15-25 minutes before food… or just as close to when you have some food as possible.

– I’ve been smoking more marijuana lately

If you have any questions I’ll answer as best I can, this is the 2nd time I wrote this, my 1st was more detailed.. But something cool happened and I had to re-write

Good Luck! 😀

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  1. Congrats on your clearing!!

    Seems you have it all covered with the vits. I have wondered about the vitex vs saw palmetto. This have been vitamins I havent experienced before I jumped on accutane and always have been curious about and wanted to try.

    Thanks for sharing your regimen!

    Mari :angel

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