Will it Scar?


I had a cyst right between my eyes that has since scabbed over. However, the scab SEEMS to be slightly pitted. Will something like this definitely scar for sure, or is there a chance that it could “fill in”?? It has me a little worried. I’m worried enough about the ugly scab but I certainly don’t want some huge centimeter long scar!!

I’m applying Polysporin cream (not ointment) and pure vitamin E oil.

What do you think?

Thanks!!! :puppydogeyes

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8 thoughts on “Will it Scar?

  1. 😀 Hi Damon,
    Don’t touch the scab; just let it fall off on its own. The last layer of skin to heal when it has been damaged is the top layer so it is so important for you to let the scab stay where it is and do its’ job. Scabs often have the look you described; this has nothing to do with what the skin will look like after the scab has fallen off. As long as you are using the antibiotic cream you should not have any problem because you are preventing any further infection.

  2. Well that’s good news! Thank you, kind Solomio!

    In a few days, when the edges of the scab begin to curl up, is it save to hold a cloth soaked in hot water against the scab so that it gently peels off?

  3. Damon,
    Just let it fall off on its own. I know it is driving you nuts but this is the way to avoid a scar.
    P.S. Thank you for the kind words.

  4. Ok cool.

    eesh, sorry to both you yet AGAIN, but I’ve got another question, lol. Hope it’s no trouble.

    Is there such a thing as using TOO much Vitamin E Oil? Does applying more actually speed things up or help at all, or will too much actually irritate my skin?

    Thanks!! :mrgreen

  5. PS I meant to say “bother you yet again”….my previous typo makes it sound like I think there are two of you. lol

  6. Vitamin e wont hurt your skin.You can use it on your acne and it should be ok.Although i was advised by my dermatologist that it can cause blocked pores and does not really help with scars.Some people probably disagree with this.I have never found it to work for me.But perhaps with others it does.Applying it to your skin should be fine as long as u dont rub into into the rest of your face.Taking Vitamin E in the pill form would be much more benifical.Neosporin would be ok also.

  7. 😀 Hi Damon,
    The polysporin is the better of the two choices to use on any skin injury because it will prevent infection. Infection is what you want to avoid because infection is what can cause scarring.

  8. I have read several studies that show that Vitamin E does not speed healing and that it may, in fact, slow the healing process when applied topically. I still use it for dry skin around my nose though and it definately helps

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