CP Serum for Red Marks

Does anybody on this board use or have tried CP Serum? i read in other post that its just like MSM but works faster for redmarks. b/c accutane causes redmarks to stay longer and appear more frequently, i in search for something to enhance the healing time. here is the site if anybody is interested.


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6 thoughts on “CP Serum for Red Marks

  1. Been using it for over a year, and yes, it works very well. In particular when combined with peels or some kind of exfoliant like Retin A.

  2. so what is it exactly, is it a lotion or toner? how and when and often do you apply it?

  3. As the name suggests – it’s a serum! You only apply a little before putting moisteriser on. It feels like a runny gel.

  4. is it ok to use this serum during accutane, whilst the skin is so fragile? my cheeks are very, very red with redmarks and scars and it looks just as worst as acne.

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