Should I quit?

I posted the following on another forum, one which seems to be trying to disuade the use of Acuttane and has pretty much got me convinced I should quit the treatment. Lotsa negatives there and pictures of people with bad lips as a result of Accutaine, how it accelerates the aging process, bad for your stomach and other misc. inards, depression, hair loss etc etc. Symptoms which stayed on or in some cases started after treatment.
Didn’t take the pills today, got a call in to our family doctor.
Mari posted there and told me about this place, so we’ll start fresh, here goes…

IOkay, I’m in my mid 40’s and gone through I guess what you would call adult acne for years, since I was a teenager I guess¿ Just always been the guy with bad skin, kinda sufferred through it, GP put me on anti biodics now and then, no real help though. Last time in his office while getting prescription renewed I asked him what’s new in the field of dermotology, he sent me to a demotologist who put me on Accutane.
He gave me some reading material, with all the possible side effects it had me a little worried, but worth a try I figured.
I’m 6’1″ about 225 lbs. He put me on 80mg/day.
So already I noticed my face is a bit red and my skin is real flaky, especially after I wash, no oil I guess? After a couple hours I guess some oil comes back and the flaking skin is not as noticeable, seems to be helping already, is that possible?

Question is am I gonna look like a snake with all this flaky skin for the whole 4-5 months? What do I tell people when they ask why my skin is falling off??
I’ll read the posts tosee what people suggest for the upcoming chapped lips etc, what fun eh?

Still wondering what I got myself into.


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  1. Glad you found us Will!!! :wave

    Welcome to clearskin4me! :multi

    Accutane is a wonderful medication. I can understand how you feel by reading ragforum, I was impressed at first then as I readed more I could see what happened to these guys.

    Your skin will not get flaky for the whole 4-5 months

    Mine got flaky at first but with proper moisturizing it doesnt even happen. So make sure you moisturize it well, same for your lips. Aquaphor for lips is great and Cetaphil moisturizer for face works fine too. You will be fine trust me. Feel free to post any questions you may have. Some posters here have been through accutane here and we can help you out.

    Keep us posted and do not quit!!


  2. Will

    Can I suggest you drink lots of olive oil and supplement with salmon fish oil capsules – it will help you from the inside.

    Good luck!

    Keep posting here if you need support.

  3. Ok.. first month WAS HELL for me.. I admit.. I hated to be seen because of the break-outs I got.. 4 months later.. I would go through it again in a heartbeat. You will see in my sig a picture of me after 4 months.. and I had “medium” acne I guess you could say.. always had pimple.. upto 20-30 at a time as some points.. This is a miracle drug and don’t let others swade your choices.. do this for yourself as I can see that you will be just like me in the end..

    -For dry skin – Get CETAPHIL! It is so great.. a little on the fingertips and rub it in and you’re good to go for a whole day :lol!
    -For dry lips – Get Vaseline Intensive Lip Therapy.. this not only keeps them moisturized but it works wonders on how they make your lips look 😉 JP! LOL But it works awesome.. Also; be for-warned.. you WILL get the occasional cold-sore.. so go ahead and buy some camphophinque[cold sore treatment] so you can get rid of it quick..

    I inserted another picture of me.. I wish I had previous pictures but I never felt comfortable taking pictures of my horrid looking face before.. but now it is completely opposite..

    *Me in a bad mood 😉

    *Me and my baby!

    Hope I helped ANY.. Stay on this AS LONG as you can..

  4. Hello Will…can you please tell me what you read about accutane accelerating the aging process?? I haven’t heard that one before! The side effects are very scary, but I have decided to stick with it unless I feel something totally out of the ordinary. I am only on 10mg so far and only my 10th day…another 10 days then start with 20…then higher until…well I’m not sure , I think 40. Will update.

    Good luck to you and whatever you decide to do! :lol

  5. Kitty,
    The “speeds up the aging process” thing was in this thread:

    The guy was Patyputer, read what he says, he is very bitter. I’ve just started looking into this, don’t know if there’s any scientific studies with this aging thing memtioned.

    There’s lotsa stuff in the following link that has really scared me, especially the “Picture request” thread.

    Interesting you’re on 10mg/day and he put me on 80 right from the start, mind you I’m not petit either! 🙂

    Called my family Dr. who said it’s treatment is deffinately the last thing to try for extreme acne, I would say mine is moderate. He also said I wouldn’t take any drugs if I read all the possble side effects.I’m gonna call the dermo today, tell him what I’ve heard, see what he says.

    Still wondering, but took a pill this morning…

  6. Wow josh thanks for sharing those pics!!!!

    You are cute and your gf is beautiful

    I too would go again in heartbeat! :multi

    Im convinced that Accutane if you pay close attention to side effects its minimum risk.

    Mari 😀

  7. mari love accutane
    poo love mari

    poo love accutane :angel

    mari use accutane now ?

    poo want accutane again
    on-line accutane ?
    poo want clear skin :lol

  8. I’m kinda with Maya on this one. I would never take it personally because of the potentially bad side effects. I have seen a couple of others on other boards who weren’t necessarily bitter and whatnot, but one person’s hair fell out and another person lost their hearing. No one likes to think that it could happen to them, but there is a slight risk. Plus, if you go off of it, the acne could come back. It’s a big risk….one I’m not really willing to take.

    I’m just giving my .02 here, and not trying to sway anyone. I just think it’s a dangerous drug and tied to a lot of onset illnesses. I’ve got a neighbor who developed fibromyalgia after being on accutane, and I heard of someone else who developed accutane induced lupus.

    For goodness sakes! The drug stops your oil glands from producing oil! There has to be some danger in that! In any event, just my .02. I am not trying to dis anyone’s good results with the drug, I just hope that no one suffers any bad side effects.

    I have considered going on Accutane myself but after reading all of the potential side effects, I didn’t do it.

    I think at the onset of any problems… should quit the drug. If you can catch any potential side effects before they are very serious, perhaps you can stop anything bad in it’s tracks. If you are doing well with the drug, then maybe you should consider staying on it. Just realize that the side effects could be serious. Very serious. No one ever thinks they are gonna be the ones to have hearing loss, vision impairment, etc…….So watch your body carefully would be my recommendation.

  9. im still trying to decide whether to use it..i got 10 mg right here that my doc prescribed…but i wil probably start in january…
    im 150 lb..should i go ask for more or take this first?
    my acne aint THAT severe but i got tons of black heads..and my face is kinda red from acne i had before..that noew cleared up..a little

  10. Called the dermatologist today, he had left already and will call back tomorrow. His assistant said they’ve bee using it for almost 20 years and had not had any problems with it, other than the dry skin and lips DURING treatment, that it’s a great treatment.
    I told her I’d been to some sites on the web, she said those places only tell the horror stories to scare you or some such.
    Today is my 7th day on it, I’ll talk to him tomorrow, see what he has to say and let you know.
    I’m 44, had this for almost 30 years, after seeing some of the pictures I’d say my acne is only mild. Married to my first wife still, so won’t hafta look good for the babes in the bar, she knows what she married. 😕
    It would be nice to get rid of it for sure, wouldn’t be as self conscious or embarrassed at times when I have a big honking under-grounder on my nose, but is it worth the risks?? On the other board some say it was fine during treatment, skin cleared up, the problems started a year or more AFTER treatment. On the other board some guy had serious problems after only 2 days of the drug. Only symptom so far is the skin on my face is a little flaky. Think I’ll skip tomorrow morning’s pill.

    Should I proceed slowly and carefully with regular blood tests, pull out at any sign of side effect? Don’t know.

    Confused and a little worried 😐

  11. poo try essential fatsy on acid
    efa good : brain skin fur
    acne : sebum without efa
    sebum thick
    pore not able eject sebum

    try fax oil ?

    poo hug you
    poo bear

  12. scared? Don’t be scared or you will WORRY yourself into a damn side-effect for christ sakes! LOL! You will have to take monthly blood tests to see how you’re blood/accutane mixture is and see what is going on.. so don’t worry about going out of your way.. if you’re THAT scared of this drug.. by a little notebook and write EXACTLY what you felt like I did.. When I noticed something was wrong.. I thought about it and it actually stemmed from my face NOT CLEARING fast enough[was the first month]. Wait till the end of the third month.. and look back at your first log/picture.. and look at your face then.. TELL ME THE “RISK” isn’t “WORTH IT”…

  13. Will…

    I would have started higher but I told him that years ago when I was put on accutane I developed a headache that would not go away, so I was taken off it. The doc back then was a general practitioner tho, not a derm. I am only starting at the lower dose to see what happens.

    I have read alot of the ragforums posts, and it always freaks me out. It is still a low number of ppl compared to all the millions of ppl who have taken the drug tho.

    So, I am now on day 11 at 10mg. It will be interesting to see what happens to me on higher dose, like I said I will update 😀

  14. Nice post for change pooh.. :wink :mrgreen

    You might want to try fish oil instead, many people have much better luck with it than flax oil.. but that is also very good too. (im taking fish and LOVING it.. tastes a bit.. fishy though :shock )

  15. Okay, had a long chat with the dermo today. He’s been prescribing it for 18 years without qny problems, it’s been used in Europe for 25 years he said, etc, etc. So I’m gonna give it a try me thinks. We’ll see how it goes.
    After 6 days all I have is a little flaky skin on my face, I have to learn to pat dry rather than rub my face in the towel, what can I say, I’m a guy! 🙂

    Lips are just starting to show signs they may be drying a bit, carry a tube o lip goo in my jeans pocket, drink a lotta water.

    Will the flaky skin get better or do I need to moisturize like I’ve been reading? And where do you get fish oil? Take it straight up or on the rocks? 😀

    How does taking oil in help when the goal is to get rid of the oil I thought?
    Weird thing is the zits I’m getting now seem closer to the surface, not as deep, that make sense?

    Thanks for all the encouragement folks! Guess I’ll be a regular on here for a few months eh?

  16. they are now closer to the surface because all the deep junk is being pushed to the top.. once they come out then all that deep junk will be gone!!! =)

    Fishoil comes in pills.. so you dont have to take it on the rocks

    You are trying to bring down your sebum production, taking fish oil helps keep the skin in good health, acttualy bringing down the amount of sebum produced!!! 8)

  17. i heard it works for almost everyone..
    but ive also heard many stories of the acne just coming back years later..
    even worse then before

    just be carefull :/, in my opnion you should try to find out WHY your getting acne.. its because of an imbalance in your system.. something is wrong, thats why its happening, i doubt your system is low on accutane :/

  18. i doubt your system is low on accutane :/

    Thats one of the funniest things I’ve read in a long time… Thats so very true.. however.. now that I think of it a second time, ‘taine is a synthetic Vit A. So your body could be a little low on A 😉

    Sorry for killing your joke with my over-obsesive logic.. but it was still a GREAT joke :lol

  19. yea thanks.. np

    CURE? or… cover?

    i have heard probablly 5 or 6 stories about people on accutane, and a few months or years later, there acne returned, and with a vengence.

    im clearing as we speak with alot of suppliments, NO-dairy
    (occasionaly some cheese) and close to no wheat, i have no wheat in my house..(that i eat heh) so only time i eat wheat is when i eat out, and its minimal

    also.. i detoxed, seem to help
    im now cleansing my liver, and trying to drink lotsa water

    this thread is anything but the truth.

    if you wash your face, even just 1 or 2 times a day, then you should be okay.. but you probablly arent, cause acne is from the inside, and lucky us its on our FACES that we use every day non-stop

    so heal from inside.. with vitamins.. and try and cut out some bad stuff

    try going to a nateuropath and getting this test thingy, they test you for foods and then you know what your allergic too, then you try to not eat any of it.. or as little as possible…

    over the past 2 weeks my face has gone through many stages.. first it was dry from B5.. i ditched B5 now im on ALOT of ohter stuff, my cheeks started to mousturize, eventually my cheeks (now) are FLAWLESS! my forhead, near flawless!

    my neck has actually goten worse :/ but its not acne.. its .. really red, and sensitive, i dono, like a rash kinda i guess

    i havnt seem my skin this good in a while… im happy with my skin for now, and its gona get better, i know it!

    GL and shlt this was a long post and it evolved into off topic


    nighty night

    **got the above from one of my earlier posts on the absoluteacneinfo forum**

  20. they are now closer to the surface because all the deep junk is being pushed to the top.. once they come out then all that deep junk will be gone!!!

    Ahhhh, so that explains the initial break out part we hear about. I wonder, is this ka-ka being pushed out or is it just the outside layers of skin drying up and falling off leaving it all exposed?

    Okay, I get how it works during treament, but how’s it sposed to work AFTER treatment? Won’t the oil skin return filling pores with all that crap again?

    Does the treatment shrink pores?

    Thanks for the info, do drug stores sell fish oil?
    How much to take being 225 lbs or so??


  21. My derm told me that if I do a high enough dosage that the oil shouldn’t return to the same degree after treatment, and that would also mean smaller pores. This is why I agreed to accutane. That, and also he wouldn’t do anything for my scars until I was totally clear.

    I am not sure if I will take another pill today tho after yesterday and my stomach problem, it is gone today tho. I really want to continue!! I haven’t called my doc cuz after all the research I have done I can’t imagine what he would say to me that I haven’t come across on my own. If it happens again I will call tho.

  22. Okay, I get how it works during treament, but how’s it sposed to work AFTER treatment? Won’t the oil skin return filling pores with all that crap again? Does the treatment shrink pores?

    The treatment shrinks the oil glands, so once you are off it, they are still small. This gives you smaller pores and less oil

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