How much….

water do you have to drink a day? Is it 8 pints or 4? Cos dont think i can manage 8!! Hate water to start with! How long does water take in clearing up skin? Or making it look more healthy, whichever!

😀 lilnat

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3 thoughts on “How much….

  1. I take around a liter and half (1.8) of water daily. I know under accutane you have to drink many fluids.

    As my personal experience just drinking water didnt cleared me up, but I have known some people that it did by drinking lots of water. Remember you cannt drink too much or it will make you sick.

    Mari :angel

  2. My old food technology teacher said 8 pints, Maya here says 4 ‘glasses’. I think Maya is right but I drink 8 pints because I like to feel hydrated all the time. 🙂

  3. Tom 😀 – no, I said 8 glasses – which is = 4 pints.

    There is some science to it though – Nomad knows, something about the amount of water to body weight.

    Anyway, 7-9 glasses (8-10oz) a day is good.

    If you drink tea/coffee/alcohol – you need to drink MORE water because they dehydrate you

    If you work out, then you need to drink 1 extra litre (around 3 glasses) of water per 1 hour of aerobics

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