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Hey Maya. I wanted to let you and everyone else know I’m going to get needled at the end of January. I’m getting a TCA peel to clean up some discoloration and spotting and to smooth out my skin before getting needled. You and many others have inspired me. I’m glad this board is in existance. I got banned from the other board. They are like a bunch of SS officers man. You cannot do JACK on that board. People can cuss each other out but God forbid if you should try to guide someone to a certain link. It’s dumb and illogical. The real troublemakers can say anything at all but you cannot help people to other sites and whatnot. IT’S WACKED. Anyway, glad I found this board and I’ll see you around. I will be interested to hear how your needling goes. On the Acne Scar Message board I frequent, there have been 2 other ladies who have come forward with wonderful scar revision testimonies from needling. I’m so excited about mine as well.

Take care! 😀 :mrgreen :angel

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  1. Hi Denise – yeah, I know what you mean about that board – but you are free to post links here. This is a really cool board. 😀

    So glad you found me here though. I’m trying to put together a really enormous needling/scar thread, I’m going to write it all up over Christmas when I have more time – but it will cover everything from all the boards I have posted on. Watch this space!!

    Good luck with the TCA peel – I’m not too familiar with that but isn’t that a heavy salyclic acid peel??? Maybe you could post some info for us here. I remember Tiffanies Secret always posted about how great TCA peels were.

    Also, I am hopeing to have a full needling session at a clinic in January/February.

    Please, please keep us posted!!!! 😀

    Great to hear from you – and it’s great that you found me!! I am here, there.. you know! Always on about needling somewhere.


  2. Maya, a TCA peel is a “medium depth” peel. It will penetrate much deeper than the strongest salicylic acid peel. It is excellent for shallow scars and discoloration and hyperpigmentation. I’m getting one mainly to clean up some blotchiness and whatnot.

    I’ll be here reading along and posting every once in a while. I’ll also let you know what happens with the needling I get done.

    Have a great holiday season.

  3. Denise

    Good luck with the TCA peel. What’s the down time?

    Have a great Christmas yourself :angel


  4. Maya, downtime for a TCA peel should be about 7 days. If you followed along with Tif’s diary, it’s a pretty intense peel. I’ve read where this one dude did them spaced about 2-3 months apart for about a year and a half with incredible results. He claims he had some pretty bad scarring. I know that I can do another one in about 6-8 weeks if I want. However, because of the needling, I won’t be doing that. I’ll do the needling and wait and see how that goes and will wait quite a while before attempting any other peel so that my skin can generate collagen and whatnot.

    Denise likes poo too…. :lol 😀 :mrgreen :wink

  5. 😀 Poo, God bless all the little ones, I believe that Santa Clause is calling you back to the North Pole to join all of the Elves to get ready for the big December 25 celebration.

    Poo, you cannnot stay on this board you must return back to your orgins, where you belong. Santa is waiting for you to return. Have a safe journey poo Put your safety belt on and give Rudolf a special pat on the nose for all of us on this board who need Saint Nick’s blessing. Good bye little poo.

  6. poo is great, leave him be. his not causing any harm if anything he’s giving a spark of life to an incredible dull board.

  7. Guess its better for people to call us incredibly dull :sleeping :splat than to not post at all! WELCOME! :wave

  8. I want to know if this will help me? I’m very interested in having this done. I have some shallow scars that I don’t want to live with anymore. What is the first thing I do? How do I find these people to perform this procedure called “needling”? I love this board and think it one of the best. Acne is a pretty “dull” subject. So that just goes without saying. I prefer to find my entertainment elsewhere. When I want to “party” and have fun I go out :wink


  9. Great! Needleing is the best/cheapest thing out there for indented scars. (dosn’t really work on raised ones called keltoids)

    People notice an average of 50% (some say at least 75%) improvement after first treatment, starting a few days after they have it done, and it keeps getting better for months.

    Two options on how to get it done, first, go to a place that does permenet cosmetic makeup (ie tatooing lips to make them always look like lipstick is on) Many Esthteincans (spelling?) do this, as do some cosmetic derms.

    Second choice, call up some tatoo parlors and ask if they have ever done neddeling for scars before. If you can’t find someone who has done it before, you can explain to them how to do it (brush over the entire scar using just water in the gun like they would if they were filling in color)

    After your done they will explain how to keep anti-biotics on it for the next week or so to keep it from being infected. For a couple of days it will be a little red and puffy, and there will be slight scabing, so try and get it done when you have a little time off.

    Cost: I’ve seen it from anywhere between $50-$150 depending on how much you are having done, where at, ext.

    If you have any more questions feel free to ask! 8)

  10. This sounds amazing :angel I am definately going to look into it. Mr nomad have you had this procedure done before? I am very interested in hearing from people who have actually gone through this and what it did or did not do for them. Thanks again!


  11. Unfortunatly I still get a bit of acne (from eating chocolate icecream ext) I don’t wana get the needleing done until im totally clear. (Its bad to needle on top of legions)

    However, I have read quite a few threads about it, and heard nothing but positive results. :mrgreen

  12. Hi Nomad – needling isn’t good for active acne, it may cause more inflamation – glad u mentioned that.

    And from my own experience of self needling, it worked much better on OLD scars – ones that were at least 6-12 months old.

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