can’t get into my pm box

someone just sent me a pm….sorry to say I can no longer get into my mail guys….I’m just a nobody on this board 😐 maybe I’ll check back in a few days~ have good holidays to all ~ GUEST AKA AMELIA :wink

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5 thoughts on “can’t get into my pm box

  1. Amelia sista it was me who send the pm!!

    did you had any trouble signing in? I see you registered again. Did you tried viewing the forum from other computer? It happens if you had clicked on loggin automatically if you try to log on from other computer it will not let you in as you appear as logged in. You only need to log out from the usual computer you use and uncheck if you wish the login automatically option. I do this way as I check the board at work (shhhh dont tell my boss!) LOL

    Let me know if it works out okay

    Mari :angel

  2. Ok, you definatly are not banned, the only bans in action right now are on a couple IP adresses… meaning that if you were banned you wouldnt even be able to log in as guest..

    There are 2 people working to figure out what your problem is right now.. I feel confident we can help you get back on in no time 8)

  3. Hey, we think we figured out whats going on: try this first then the other two sujustions I have. Its possible that you are trying to type your name in when you are replying or making a post. However, that only works if you want to be a guest. (trying to type amelia there would be seen as some guest trying to impersonate you) You have to log-in by clicking the login button at the top right of the screen. Then type your user name and the new password I assigned you. once logged in you will stay logged in for the whole time your viewing the board. If you never wish to have to login again, just click “automaticly log-in” (when you are loging in)

    If this is what you have already been doing, I appologise for the simplicity :oops

    If it still dosnt work:

    Ok if you make a new account name can you post under that? Give it a try.. if that works ill kill your old account and transfer you info and stats over to your new one.

    The amelia account works fine as far as we can see so we arn’t sure whats wrong.. If you try this we can narrow it down and find whats wrong. It might be the settings on your computer… but we can easily tell you how to adjust those if they are wrong. (tools->internet options-> privacy -> edit -> put in the box and say “allow”) you might want to try this first to see if its just a problem with your “cookie” settings. It can’t hurt. Let me know if you arnt using Internet Explorer :oops

  4. Now I’m trying it with putting my username in the top line~that didn’t work~ Go ahead nomad cancel the member amelia and I will try and reregister today from scratch~ not sure what went heywire here but get rid of everything associated with Amelia:)Thanks again but nothing I try is working…my pc settings are fine~amelia

  5. I wish I could of helped you more.. but I did it, Amelia is gone :shock , I saved the number of posts you made and can put your picture back on for you if you want them back :roll

    Sorry again, we’ve looked all over all the ‘phpBB’ forums and couldn’t find anyone else who has had this same problem. :cry

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