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well i think this group is awesome…its nice to see there are others out there that are experiencing the same things. anyway i noticed several people keeping a journal and thought that was a great idea. i sometimes get so frustrated and just need to write things down simply because those around me just dont understand they just feel sorry for me and blah blah blah.
anyway to start off i am a 28 year old female. i was on birth control since i was 18 and about two years ago went off. ever since then i started breaking out and things just kept getting worse. i started to try everything in the bool to cure the acne….from eating right to exercise and even holistic things like seeing a naturopath and having accupuncture. basically what happened was i spent a heck of a lot of money and my acne has gotten even worse. so bad that it really hurts my face…
anyway i have seen four dermatologist in the past 2 years and this last one finally said tht accutane will be the only thing that will help me. i tried to avoid it for about three months because i have heard nothing but bad about it…all the side effects…etc etc. i am just scared of what it can do to my body and eventually i want to have kids and i am worried about what it may do to them if i ever have any.
so this week i have to get back on birth control and get my pregnancy tests and then after a month of bc i will start taking accutane…
it worries me even more so that i have begun to break out even more…
well i guess we will see what is to come. yikes!

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2 thoughts on “trees journal

  1. welcome treski 😀

    I believe you definetly tried everything else and its time now for the big guns. Most of your worries I shared with you, I just finished my course two months ago and Im 29 so you are not alone. All I can say is I have no regretts except that of not having done it sooner. I have cleared 100% 😀

    Good luck and keep us posted!


  2. mari thank you for your kind words!
    congrats on yours clearing up and it sounds like
    you are truly glad you did it. thank you for the support!

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