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Hey guys! Been visiting this forum for about a week now and really appreciate all the different input. My question today is..can anybody give me feedback on acne miracle. Is it as good as it sounds? I am using proactive right now and it just isn’t doing its thang. Also.. has anyone tried skin biology products? I just ordered the cp/exfol system. I guess it’s supposed to clear while healing any scarring. I have red spots from old pimples. I have also noticed alot of talk about shea butter and jojoba oil. I would like to use these but it just sounds like a recipe for disaster…butter or oil for acne prone skin?? All and any feedback is appreciated. Thanks, Jodi (27yr.old female)

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2 thoughts on “acne miracle/skin biology products

  1. I love AcneMiracle products. I love Skin Biology too; I use the serum every night. I was using it twice a day but now I use it only at night with Retin A micro.

    I use the AcneMiracle regulating gel along with the B5 gel. I also use the niacinimide sometimes; but not as regularly as the B5.

    My oil production has greatly decreased since using the regulating gel. I hardly get oily at all now, even around that time of the month.

    I also use the B5 powder with zinc.

    The more natural I keep my products, the better my skin does. The thing I love about AcneMiracle products is NO SYNTHETIC CHEMICALS. Everything is very soothing.

    Oh yeah, I love jojoba oil too. When I put my Retin A on at night, I massage jojoba oil into my skin, and it does help with oiliness and breakouts too, I believe, since it mimicks sebum in it’s properties.

    I really recommend everything you mention in your post.

  2. I don’t know much about the Acne Miracle Products – but like Denise, I am a real fan of Jojoba oil!!!

    I have only heard good stuff about the skin biology products too.

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