Shallow scarring*What can I do?

ok you guys~I’m clear from accutane :angel and I am happy about that..but these darn shallow scars everywhere are really bringing me down :cry I want to be gentle to my face for at least another 4 months or so due to how fragile my skin is still~ What can I use to minimize these damn marks….I know that over time I will regain som collagen to these spots I have (LOTS of them) but is there a product out there that will fill them in and give me a more polished look? Without having to cake the crap on which only makes it look worse~In certain lights bright sun etc…..I look tore up! Like the actor James John Almos:) LOL! Well maybe not that bad but you get the point….what can I use ASAP! Thanks guys 😀 Amelia

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12 thoughts on “Shallow scarring*What can I do?

  1. Two options.. 1 cheap : use packaging tape on the face and peel off (try scotch tape first to see if you can handle it ok)
    2 expensive: Microdermabrasion (this is the preferd method)

    Of course for larger scars/deeper ones use neddleing :roll

    Just my two cents. :roll

  2. I think sista its better to wait you skin comes strong again as I understand well how fragile it might be now. Then from that skin needling followed with microdermabrasion


    How the packaging tape can help with the scars? i though that was for exfoliation

    Mari :angel

  3. ok I know about the tape..( I used packaging tape) a couple of nights ago…and it made my skin red and raw and more dry :oops LOL! maybe it was too strong for me…and I pulled it back in the opposite direction 🙁 YEEOUCH! Ok yes I want to wait for my skin to get strong again….what about products~make up etc……is there something I can put on to make it look more even and filled in in those areas :mrgreen thanks in advance for any advice…..Amelia

  4. I know you want to make your skin look better. But the scotch tape doesn’t sound like a good method to me, w/your fragile skin! I wish I could give you an answer, but I really don’t know of any solutions! Have you tried msm? How bout olive oil? I have been using this for about four-five days, consectutively, and it really does make my skin look nice! Mind you, I do not have any of the scarring like you, but it makes it real smooth! At night, I jsut rub a little in my skin, b-4 bed! It really absorbs quickly! Maybe it would “plump” your skin up a little??? Just guessing here

  5. Amelia – I really think you will have to wait at least 4 months b4 starting to treat the scarring.

    MSM will gently exfoliate red marks, unlikely to do much for scarring

    Olive/jojoba oil – will help to balance the skin, unlikely to help with scaring

    Scotch tape – that is way too harsh for your skin at the moment, but that may help with shallow scarring and definately helps with red marks

    In a few month, you may want to try glycolic or lactic peels (lactic is much gentler for sensitive skin) and top it up with copper peptide serum (look at the skin biology website – – the stuff there is pretty good, and I’ve been using it myself) This stuff really helps with shallow scarring and helps build up collagen. It won’t work for ice picks/deeper scarring though (hence the needling thread) but I think this could help you. I suggest you email the people at skin biology and ask their advice, they seem a helpful bunch and they know their stuff.

    I get my lactic peels from It’s called the 50% lactic peel and it’s actually very gentle. I bought my copper peptides from them too (exactly the same as from Skin Biology)

    Hope that helps sweetie!

  6. Thanks maya….. :shock is this post going to work? Well it didn’t work when I typed in amelia so I will post it with my new name GUEST! LOL! amelia

  7. when i get locked out of my house.. i ussualy break in through a window… might wana try that? :roll

  8. LOL :angel LET ME IN LET ME IN LET ME IN!! Yes still locked out! But here I am incognito :mrgreen I’m just a guest here nohwere to lay my head! DRATS LET ME BACK IN@! Oh yes I have broken windows to get into my locked house oh what a mess. BTW it didn’t work Nomad :cry Thanks for trying~ Amelia or Guest (excuse this ole bag~ too tired to think of a new name)

  9. Thats weird! I posted something on this thread this AM and its not there…oh well…basically I just asked how long you had been off of accutane because I think your skin still may be too sensitive right now to do the taping…especially w/packing tape. I think that has a bit stronger adhesive to it. I would wait about 4-6 months after you have been off accutane so that your skin is back to normal and then if you want to use tape, just start off w/Scotch Tape. Right now I would just recommend MSM gel/cream 🙂

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