hair line breakout! HELP!

Hey guys I just broke out a little along my hair line and about an inch up from that on my head. Nothing Im doing is helping! any tips? Is there such thing as an acne shampoo? these are wierd questions. i wash my hair EVERY day I dont know why this is happening!

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  1. yeah, try stop using that shampoo and see what will happen
    i have it even worst, my forehead is looking really horrible rite now
    i had a zit, and i picked at it with a needle, and now it started spreading like wild fire
    i have like 10+ whiteheads
    they get killed pretty easily, but then they just come back up
    so fustrating
    Uhwh Warehouse

  2. Oh i didnt even know they made that kind of shampoo lol has anyone else used it? does it work good?

  3. Hey dana!

    Yeah, i sometimes get spots along my hairline and actually in my hair….i hate them, but then again at least they’re hidden (well, the ones IN the hair anyway).

    I reckon its certain shampoos that cause it, or if its not rinsed out properly, but im not sure.

    Nat :angel

  4. As a teenager I was lucky only to have the only an occasional blemish. Now I’m 24 and have terrible problems on my forehead towards my hairline. I have tried washing with a cleanser in the morning and evening to no avail. This condition started a few months back and has been quite frustrating. As a young business owner, my savvy, β€œadult” appearance is important in client meetings; teenage acne doesn’t help.

  5. Yeah,

    Everyones’s right love its probably the products your using on your hair. Check out some of the ingredients and post them if you can.

  6. ok i found out what the problem is (i think) i used a hair mask about 2 weeks ago. i dont know what it was called b/c it was just in a little bag thingy and i threw it away.

  7. πŸ˜€ hurlygrly482,
    I had the same experience from using Clairol Mousse, the one that is in the can. The mousse seemed to be non-greasy too but some chemical in it did a nasty number on my hairline. The good news is that all of the red bumps cleared up within a couple of days after I stopped using the product…this will probably happen for you.

  8. πŸ˜€ Hi Hurlygrly482,
    A really nice shampoo to use when you have a breakout problem in the area of the scalp is to pre-measure out your shampoo into a cup before your shower, and add one or two drops of pure Tea Tree Oil to the shampoo. Go easy with the Tea Tree Oil because this is potent stuff when it is in the pure state. This mixture will zap any zits that are in the hairline. Tea Tree Oil is anti-bacterial and is soothing to scalp skin.
    I buy my Tea Tree Oil at Trader Joes; it costs $5.99 American for a 1 ounce bottle.

  9. To guest,
    If you are not having a problem with a hair care product then it is possible that you have a form of eczema that is aggravated by a lack of certain B vitamins, and a lack of EFA. I remember reading something about this condition. Is there dry scaly skin along with the bumps on your forehead? If the answer is yes then it is most likely eczema you are dealing with even though it looks a lot like acne. Taking supplements of EFA and B complex plus using the shampoo with the Tea Tree Oil mixed in it should take care of your problem.

  10. Thanks Solomio! That’s a good idea. I was going crazy with all that stuff on my head. lol πŸ˜€ I will let you know how it goes.

  11. I have read that certain conditioners can cause break outs. This is due to the nature of conditioners. They are made to create a coating over the hair and could create a coating over your pores causing blocked pores and we all know what happens from there.

  12. well i have sort of oily hair so i only put conditioner on my ends. but maybe it gets on there anyways

  13. No more conditioner for me… Like I ever bother to use it anyway, but for the times I do, I’m stopping! πŸ˜•

  14. i couldnt live withought conditioner! lol but i just make sure to only put it on my ends and it does fine.

  15. i have never tried 2 in 1. i think the more time it takes the better it works. lol does that make sence? 😐 like it takes more time and care to do it one at a time. lol im wierd πŸ˜€

  16. I always hated that two in one stuff!!!!!!!!! It always made my hair frizzy. Must have a conditioner once a week and a leave in spray conditioner everyday!

  17. πŸ˜€ Dana,
    I had a bad experience with Clairol Mousse. It broke me out at the hairline. I tried it twice because I did not believe that it was the mousse that was causing the break out. Now I use another Clairol product that does not break me out, it is the Herbal Essence product that they made that crazy commercial about. I don’t know why but this conditioner is made by the same company but there is no problem with it for me.

    I was wondering about the acne on your shoulders.
    Does your hair ever touch your shoulders?
    You put your conditioner on just your ends?
    Is it possible that the conditioner you are using is causing your shoulders to breakout?
    If this is so maybe a change of conditioner could stop the body acne breakouts?

  18. o yeah Popcorn, you should check out the thread on the Chatty Schack! Its called “for the gals who blow dry their hair” (i think thats what its called) you might have posted there already, but its all about hair straighteners and stuff πŸ˜€

  19. πŸ˜€ Hi Dana,
    I use the Clariol Herbal Conditioner in the PINK plastic bottle that is for dry hair. This particular conditioner does not cause me any problems.

    I buy this conditioner at Costco because it is so cheap there, and this brand is so expensive in the drugstore.

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