Hey guys

This might be a dumb question (sorry if it is), but what exactly is gluten?

Nat :angel

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  1. Gluten is a protein which is found in damages the lining of the small intestine so that food cannot be absorbed.Similar protiens which are also harmful to coeliacs are found in oats,rye,and barley.Hope that helps.Shannon

  2. lol, yeah guest, thanks! 😀

    So, if you try and avoid wheat? You should be avoiding “gluten” too? Or if you have a wheat intolerance, you basically have a gluten intolerance?

    Nat :angel

  3. Umm i think it might be a little of both but now i dont want to eat wheat bread anymore lol :lol

  4. If you avoid the following foods you will be avoiding gluten.Im sure there are others but this is just some. ALL wheat,oats,rye,barley as flour,bread,breadcrumbs,biscuits,batters,rusk,semolina,cake,pastry,pizza,pasta,thickened sauces,gravy,and soups as well as some salad dressings.

    foods which are ok to eat ,cornflour,rice flour,soya flour,potato starch arrowroot ,Cereals such as rice,rice noodles,sago,tapioca
    meat,fish,eggs,cheese,milk,vegetables,salad,peas,beans,potatoes,fruits,nuts,butter ,margarine,vegetable oil.


  5. That’s why there’s PLENTY of Gluten-Free Substitutes. I’m on this diet and I occasionally still eat all those goodies and no problems with breakouts…maybe it’s because they are GF or maybe it’s just because I’m Low Carbing, either way, it works. =) Oh and I do eat oats…

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