All of this is just making it worse

I can’t believe I never even noticed this untill earlier today when I was looking through some old pictures of me from right before I started trying to cure my acne… I started coming online and researching acne and trying products and putting all of this crap on my face 24/7 about 3 or 4 months ago or so, and I had just a few zits when I started… Now, I have many times more than I started out with… So, my new acne regimin I am going to try for a while is going to be the easiest one ever — I’m going to do nothing, except for rinse off my face with water once or twice a day, no cleansers or anything. If it starts getting worse, then I’ll go back to messing around with products, but it’s worth a shot…

I can’t believe I never even noticed this untill now… :crazyeyes I guess I just thought my acne has always been this bad.

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13 thoughts on “All of this is just making it worse

  1. Some acne topical treatments can be very irritating to the skin and that can cause more inflamation.

    I take my makeup off with a baby face wipe – but I don’t use any other type of cleanser/toner etc.. What I like using is MSM gel – as this is mildly antiseptic but also very healing. On top, I use jojoba oil – agin, very natural and moisterising.

    My main way of dealing with acne is doing stress reducing stuff – deep breathing, visualisation and meditation – all that combined with good supplements seem to work better than topicals.

    Also, eating a balanced diet – adding plenty of fruit and veg and lots of water is a must.

  2. Sometimes topicals I know has aggravated others Im not so sure. I always look at the ingredient list and look for comedogenic or irritant ingredients. By now I know my skin and know most ingredeints Im sensitive to which unfortunatetly are a lot 😕

  3. That’s hard to answer “yes” or “no” to. AcneMiracle products are “topical acne products” but don’t break you out at all! Their regulating gel and topical b5 are amazing. I’m almost 100% clear from my AcneMiracle regimen… can I honestly say that the topicals from AcneMiracle are making me worse, when they aren’t?

    One thing though, I agree with; that is that most over the counter or drugstore acne products are very irritating and acne-causing to say the least!

    I would answer “yes” to most drugstore or BP products and most cleansers and toners for “acne prone” skin.

  4. Hey Ryan…. thats exactly how i feel……… tell us if ur new easy regem works!!

    i feel my acne treatments not workin sometimes too and hope its not makin it worse. u forget what u used to look like cos ur always lookin really closely at ur skin in the mirror… u dont see the whole face sometimes.

  5. I agree with Ryan. Topical treatments suck. I have had the best results with diet control and vitamin supplements

  6. I agree with Ry whole heartedly!!!!!!!!!!! Most of the products that i have used in the past have just made things worst for me!!! Ill give you all some examples:

    Bp any percent
    Murad acne complex
    Pro Activ
    Retin A
    Salictic acid (sorry Sp)

    Anyone else have any examples they would like to share?

  7. Wow. I’ve had all of these little pimples that have been on my forhead for months now and wouldn’t go away, when I stopped using all of these topicals they came to white-heads, I couldn’t resist and I had to pop them… And are now starting to go away!!! For some reason I’m starting to think that the topicals I was using should only be used if you’re completely clear and are trying to prevent acne or something? It seems that the BP and SA and other topicals are keeping the acne from going away, but preventing new ones from forming? All I know is, as long as I use most of the common topicals, the acne I already have will NOT go away 😕

    Maybe I’m wrong, but it seems that way!

  8. Hey Ry,

    Your not alone i felt this way for years and use to think i was crazy. Why would these derms give us these topicals that we tell them over and over again really dont help us. To get money in my opinion. Think of it this way if they keep helping us to clear they wouldnt get paid. Then they have the nerve to tell us it will get worse before it gets better. What if it doesnt get better? Then what?

  9. well topicals are only suposed to prevent NEW ACNE……thats what my doctor told me. Ive thought for a while that topicals might be sort of keeping acne you have in a ‘neutral’ state. 8)

  10. Yeah, I agree that alot of this is stretched out by companies and derms looking to make a quick buck… The honest ones are probably few and far between! 😕

  11. hey ryan hows the “doing nothing” working? you said you were going to stop your regimen and see what happened.

  12. yeah i definitely agree topicals suck! and also like ryan i tried the nothing treatment awhile ago…one thing i noticed was that my face was more oily but it looked better cuz all the topical crap would dry out my face and when my face was dry the red marks would stand out more so the oily kinda made my marks less visible…i originally had alot of acne to begin with so it didnt help me acne wise but its worth a try

    i use to load my face with different products and in the end i think it has permantly damaged my skin…i use to get a pimple and in like a week it would vanish and leave no mark but lately, even before starting accutane, i would see a deep red mark from every pimple that took months to fade if it ever did fade…i think all those topicals dried and damaged my skin

  13. Well, so far the do nothing regimen is going better than any topical regimen I’ve tried before. If I can just get my skin back to where it was before I messed up my face with all of these topicals, I think I can either deal with the one or two occasional zits I used to get or find a way to get rid of them.

    The acne that just sat there for months and months and wouldn’t go away is finally starting to come to whiteheads… I think that with a little time maybe all of these will go away.

    I still can’t believe I never noticed the difference between my face before I started experimenting with topicals and after… It’s amazing! :crazyeyes

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