Skin needling/Saline Injections. Please add information here

Please check out the following site (and again after the 13th)

Re: needling tools!

The site is still under construction until the 13th.

To be used also only on acne scars and not on active acne. The instrument that he uses is shown on this website. Dr Des Fernandes states this needling tool is much better than tattoo needles because these needles go deeper and end up giving a better retraction of the skin.”

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8 thoughts on “Skin needling/Saline Injections. Please add information here

  1. I was acttually talking to some friends the other day, we were sitting around playing music and what not… One of thier G-strings was torn off so they started talking about tattos that they gave themselvs in weird places when they were younger. Aparently they used the G-string off thier guitars in order to do the piercing (they just cut it at an angle to make it sharper) Im prob going to go out and get a G-string and try this out for neddleing my face. If any one else tries this let us know.

    You can find a G-string at any local guitar shop, im sure you could even ask for a little piece of it for free. :shocked!

  2. That made me laugh – I just read the G string bit – hehehe, cos us girls like to wear them :oops

    I don’t think I’m ready to dismantle my guitar yet – just been practising some christmas tunes!

  3. We were laughing about the whole G-string double meaning thing when we were talking about it too… A little good humor for the holidays.. but hey, I know peopole have done good tattos with them, so it must work for scars too. :lol

  4. I have been doing saline injections for about four months on one large scar from a car accident. The results have been excellent. However, the area is not completely smooth, so needling is scheduled for summer 03′.


  5. M – hello, I have read your posts (with great interest) on the saline injections thread. Just to let you know, over the Xmas period I will be writing a long article (mini book!) about scar revision – to cover all the information I have researched. If you come back here after the new year, you will see – watch this space!!

    I am hoping to have the needling done at a clini in Jan/Feb – can’t wait!!

    Do post again, and good luck.

    😀 Maya

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