vit a sucks -*i think

Hey all, I am a 24 y/o male. Pretty much my whole life I’ve had a full head of hair. It only goes back maybe 1 inch at temples but its been like that as long as I can remember and when its dry it just seems to cover that area up anyhow. Well recently I started breaking out in acne again and i was going nuts so i started taking 75 mg of zinc and 60,000 IU of Vitamin A a day to try and help… Well recently I have noticed my scalp in back of head slightly itching and that I am shedding so to speak. I have a messy hairstyle that after I shower I take a towed and rub it hard back and forth on head to make it dry and messy looking. Anyway, recently I am noticing hairs in the towel after doing this… anywhere from 5 – 15 hairs. I noticed this accelerated shedding after dying my hair 3 times in the course of 6 weeks cause it was strting to look red and I wanted it dark brown… please help me and post any ideas… could it be due to the vitamin A??? thanks

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3 thoughts on “vit a sucks -*i think

  1. FrankY I think that is a too high dosage of Vit A to take without medical supervision. Im gonna this here for you.

    You should never take more than 25,000 IU per day (10,000 IU for children) without a health care provider’s supervision.

    In many cases, taking beta-carotene, the precursor form of vitamin A, is a safer alternative to taking vitamin A. Unlike vitamin A, beta-carotene is water-soluble and does not build up in the body, so it can be taken in larger amounts without the same risk. This makes it a better alternative for children, adults with liver or kidney disease, and pregnant women.

    Please be careful FrankY!

  2. Hey Franky,

    Mari is right love!!!!!!!! I would suggest a multi/mineral vitamin then add extra zinc and vit a if you like but never that high of a dose. Try 10,000 mgs and then work your way up less i think i would try in your case. It sounds like your system isnt handling your dosage too well. Stop taking the vit a for a few days then start back up slowly but please try a multi/mineral and i say this because you have to take other vitamins along in conjunction with vit a in order for it to work well if not it can cause mor harm then good as you can see.

  3. Franky,
    Just to let you know. This may be coincidental as you naturally loose up-to 100 hairs a day. As people get older, they start to notice this natural hair loss more, mainly due to age paranoia. In fact, aged hair loss is not actually loss, but thinning of the hairs diameter until they are non-existent. So what you may be seeing is just normal hair shedding.

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