hydrogen peroxide

has anyone tried wiping their face with hydrogen peroxide instead of washing face with those over teh counter cleansers?
hydrogen peroxide comes in a bottle, CHEAP!! and it is used for mosquito bites and minor cuts and stuff

i’ll try it out
i’ll keep u guys / gals updated

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7 thoughts on “hydrogen peroxide

  1. I have tryed hydrogen peroxide on my face. It made my skin pretty dry though. but it did help lessen the redness of my pimples. I think rubbing alcohol has the same effect on me. but, if you have oily skin i think it may be good.

  2. That should be used in small moderation, very small. It’s because it burns the skin which makes things worse. On pimples, put a little bit on a q-tip (ear swab), then dilute it with a bit of water, then dab the pimple with it. use too much and it will burn the skin. I’ve had my share of burnt skin using it.

  3. Don’t use hydrogen peroxide. Paula Begoun recommends against it; it has an unstable oxygen atom, and basically causes oxidative damage to your skin. (The kind that ANTI-oxidants help to correct)

  4. I have tried it and no I dont like it for me. I used it to disinfect wounds if I get any. I think I have heard lilpup saying she uses it succesfully tho.

    Debilitor in what book Paula says about the hydrogen peroxide? Oh man I dont have my book supply, I already sent all my books to the new home :puppydogeyes :mrgreen

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