Niacin supplements for acne

I remember reading somewhere (don’t know where) that niacin can be beneficial for acne because it increases circulation to the face, helping bring nourishment to cells and taking away toxins.

As well Niacin is a Protein, Fat and Carbohydrate metabolizer.

From what i understand, B5 treatment is based on the theory that acne is linked to a deficiency in Lipid (Fat) metabolism. B5 is useful because it is a precurser to Coenzyme-A, a Fat metabolizer.

So, if Niacin aides in Fat metabolism wouldn’t it be a good treatment choice?

I bought a bottle of 500mg Niacin the other day and i have to tell you i thought i was going to die. The bottle reads “may cause mild facial flushing” MILD? FACIAL? my whole body was burning, itching, weird! :onfire Not sure if i have the guts to try again 😕

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3 thoughts on “Niacin supplements for acne

  1. I also read that niacin should be avoided if you suffer from rosecea (spl?) which is in the acne family. Most likely because of the flushing effect. Its difficult to know what to do in this case?

    I went to the doctor a week ago and he took a blood test. My preliminary result came back and apparently the blood showed up an inflamatory effect when tested against certain foods. The sample is to be sent away for further tests and analysis. I update when I get further results.

    My major problem seems to occur after eating! Usually I get facial flushing and associated limps and then pimples. I do think the problem is related to food, additives, or something. Once I know what at least part of my problem is then I can work on a sensible cure, instead of spending mountains on vitamins and other remedies that don’t seem to do much apart from put a big hole in my pocket.

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