Coping with oily skin

As to having oily skin non sensitive do you guys think a toner is neccesary as for part of the daily cleansing face regimen?

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7 thoughts on “Coping with oily skin

  1. hi mari 🙂 how are you?
    im a trained beauty therapist, and we have been told that everyone should use a toner, sensitive skin or otherwise. you can get many different toners that have no alcohol in them, so they can be used by any skin type. toning prepares your skin for moisturising, which you need even if you skin is oily, and also removes residue from cleansers and any makeup that might be left on the skin.
    so thats it from me 🙂

  2. A tone-a-what? :roll

    Last time I used a “toner” was when I was using proactive about 5 months ago (this carleys stuff looks like it will last 6 :lol )

    Frankly, im much more happy with my skin now… but maybe I just havnt ever used the right toner… any recommendations?

  3. hey nomad 🙂 how are you doing?
    what sort of toner you should use depends on what you are currently using on your skin. are you using a topical treatment or accutane? i know you mentioned carleys, so i guess thats what you’re using? if so, you wont need to worry about the toner because that system doesnt require one. i have to agree with you – i dont think my skin is any better when i use a toner. i think it looks oilier. but using one with salicylic acid or bp is supposed to help control the shine. but like i said, if you’re using accutane, or a topical, dont use a toner cos that could actually irritate your skin.
    i know some people dont like toners 🙂 i was just offering the info we are told during training 🙂 once you find the right one for your skin, it will make a big difference, and you’ll notice it right away. you just have to keep looking 🙂

  4. I don’t use a toner normally. I use Carleys every other day now and that seems to be enough for me. What I do like though are floral waters that I spray onto my skin after – lavender or rose water is nice. I get them from http:/ and they are organic.

  5. I ice/rinse my face in cold water mornings or evenenings when i dont use carleys… If your not already doing this when you dont use carleys.. you might like it :roll

  6. @kristi

    Glad to have a beauty therapist on board. I think sensitve skin shouldnt use a toner. I have deeply researched for how to handle sensitive skin (as mine is super sensitive) and what I think most agree is that sensitive skin should use the least skin care products possible with the least ingredients possible. So a toner for this case is not necessary. What do you think?


  7. hey mari 🙂 i think ultimately, the decision to use a toner is an individual one. if you dont feel comfortable using a toner, dont use one because it will just give you extra stress if you worry about it too much. i know it does upset people to do things that to their skin that they feel isnt necassary-myself included! 🙂
    nowdays, there are many toners made especially for sensitive skin, in order to de-sensitise it. demalogica has a range for sensitive skin that includes a toner that creates a barrier between the elements and pollution, while also soothing the skin. although, it probably shouldnt be used until acne is under control. neutrogena also have a gentle non alcohol toner.
    but, if you’ve got a routine you’re happy with, dont change it just because someone tells you you need too 🙂 thats where most people get caught up. when you find a good thing, stick with it! 🙂

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