oil free products?

i use cetaphil products and realized that it leave my face greasy feeling and looking. im ok with the gentle wash, but i am not to fond of the facial moisturizer w/ spf15 which leaves my face greasy feeling and looking. it leaves my face greasy even though it says nongreasy, but then it isnt oil free.

are there any recommendations for a better moisturizer(oil free, w/ or w/o spf).
also, i was thinking of trying neutrogena oil free wash while on accutane, would that be gentle enough and wise?

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One thought on “oil free products?

  1. I hate to further complicate this for you.. but many products that say “oil-free” actually have Synthetic oils in them that are WORSE than the real ones!!! LOL

    Might wana try some jojba oil as a moisturizer.. or maybe even jarrow msm formula.. that does a good job with moisture on the face and even helps with the acne/red/swelling too!

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