Accutane Dose/Duration questions…

mari mentioned that accutane dose is based on your weight. But is it also based on the severity of your acne? mari did i understand it correctly that your max dose was 60 mg and that you were on accutane for 4 months? I weigh 110 lbs and although my acne is only moderate i will probably be going on accutane because it is so persistent and unresponsive to other treatments. I want to be educated and know what to expect for my treatment!

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One thought on “Accutane Dose/Duration questions…

  1. good mako, first check on our acne treatment section i wrote a tad about accutane.

    Yeah accutane is prescribed by body weight, not by acne severity so no matter how bad your acne is you should be prescribed the full dose for you in order to expect the desired effects. I have heard about docs that prescribe lower dosages with longer but Im unsure about this. A gradual lowering can be option too, I did that myself but its good idea to start at full dosage as is.

    Mari 😀

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