Hey guys!

Hey guys! I’m so glad i finally made it over here cause that other board was starting to get out of controll. Those guys were harrassin me for noo reason. I am not here to start trouble but I shouldn’t have stuck up for Sandie so i’m sorry for that. I think Sandie has been the been the imposter all along. I can’t believe I actually stuck up for her cause she was wrong all allong. I’m sorry if i offended anyone here for making a big mistake and defending Sandie.

BW :angel

Note from admin: this is a fake “Board Watcher” (not same as real person who is nice on Absolute)

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9 thoughts on “Hey guys!

  1. HAHA! I KNEW you were a good guy, Board watcher! I knew it! Yeah, that Sandie was really mean on that board, did you see she is back here?

  2. Yes Sandie is a real meanie. I she she has now invaded this board. But makes me wonder about Maya. Since she supported Sandie what does that say about her character!

    Note from admin: this is a fake “Board Watcher” (not same as real person who is nice on Absolute)

  3. AMELIA I think this guy is for real. I know that it is hard to tell these days with everything that happened on the old board. But I guess that is my opinion.

    Board watcher is a nice guy. Even when he was being sorta mean, he still did it in a nicer way than the rest of them.

    You are a guy, right board watcher?

  4. I put a note saying this is not the same board watcher that stuck up for sandie on the other board… Gota talk to Mari about weather or not he should be banned. Sit tight all 8)

  5. Admin: (Post deleted) Ok no posting with out using your real name just to insult people.. will not be allowed

  6. Is it cause I don’t like Sandie? A lot of people on that board did not like her. She was mean to a lot of people. Thats not fair of you 🙁 .

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