dropping proactive, need advice all!

i decided that proactiv is doing more harm, and let me remind you that i used it in the past, worked but stopped, 2 time this time not working, made worst. so i have no clue to what i should use now?

im thinking about cetaphil sensitive skin cleanser, should i use a lotion? maybe cetaphil lotion? i have oily skin and very bad acne. i am so use to the 3 piece treatment from proactive, cleanser,toner, lotion. so i have no clue of how to wash my face anymore and what to apply.

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4 thoughts on “dropping proactive, need advice all!

  1. I still recommend upping your B5 dose to 10 grams or so of B5 a day. 4 grams just isn’t enough to do anything. You can check out some of the B5 regimin thingies in the skin care area for ideas of what is good to take with it and what not. You should give B5 a chance! It’s going to do more than proactive ever could.


  2. im thinking bout it. i got clear from 4 grams ago. i tryed b-5 a year ago and decided that its not working anymore and i dont want to megadose b-5 anymore, too expensive. im just gonna try to get accutane but want to start a new face wash regimen other than proactive.

  3. i would choose something gentle because the accutane will probably dry you out. If you really like the 3 piece system that proactiv offers there are some newer products that have the same 3 piece system. I’m not sure what brands, but if you checked out some good drug stores i’m sure you would come across some. Just remember that proactiv is the same… it’s just an over-the-counter topical acne treatment. it’s not even prescription strength. You can find the same ingredients in different systems at a fraction of the price. Good Luck!

  4. what do u advice with accutane. i am only prescribed 20mg for the 1 month which is not much, should i get cetaphil sens. cleanser and moisturizer?

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