To those on Detox/Chelation Therapy

Please answer following questions:

1. What Supplements are you taking and what doses? (Brands?)
2. How long have you been taking them for?
3. How effective has it been so far?
4. What was your acne like b4 and after?
5. Any side effects?
6. Do you follow any diet or program?


1. What Supplements are you taking and what doses? Brands?)
Solgar) NAC 600mg
Bio Support) MSM 2-4gms
Biocare) Glutathione 160mg
Biocare) Buffered Vit C (Magnesium acscorbate) 3-4gms
Biocare) multi
Higher Nature) Salmon Fish oils 2-4 capsules
Holland and Barrett) Blackcurrant oil GLA
Biocare) Digestive enzymes
Biocare) Probiotics

2. How long have you been taking them for?
Been taking them since beg of Nov 2002

3. How effective has it been so far?
Extremely effective since I am clear, and skin tone is improving as well. Also, my stamina has improved. I used to get a bit of SAD (seasonal affective disorder) at this time of year (UK) but that seems to have disapeared. Also, I need much less sleep – buzz!

4. What was your acne like b4 and after?
I had moderate cystic acne for around 10 years – mainly around my cheeks and forehead. I also had a lot of whiteheads on my chin and surrounding mouth area.(Rarely had acne on my body). I would have got a new cyst every few days or so, and they would take ages (like months!) to heal. Also, I had blackheads and whiteheads. My skin was slightly oily – it is totally normal now.

5. Any side effects?
For the first 5-7 days of the detox, I felt a bit dizzy, no breakout.

6. Do you follow any diet or program?
Well, I have also been following the O blood group program – but this mainly means that I limit wheat, dairy, potatos and corn. I also take around 4/5 tablespoons (daily) of Olive oil at meal times. I also use Carleys every now and again on my face, Carleys soap on my body, Jojoba oil if I want to moisterise and MSM gel for simple exfoliation. I drink lots of water, sometimes dandelion, nettle or green tea. I also exercise (dance/step etc) around 3-4 times a week.

And you?

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36 thoughts on “To those on Detox/Chelation Therapy

  1. 1: Solgar: NAC 600mg
    Solgar: ALA 200mg
    GE Vits: C 2gms
    GE Multi min: 1g
    GE Oxy-e: 1 small pill
    GE Homocystex: 1 pill a day (b-complex)
    GE Pant acid/acnemiricle B5 4g
    GE Omega 3 Fish Oil – 6 pills a day
    MegaZymes *digestive Enzymes* 1 a day with meal
    GE 1 Probiotic w/FOS every other day or so at night

    2: almost a month

    3/4: About 95% better, about 1 small white head every 3 days.

    5: Having some periods of mental fog and differnt detox symptoms, along with MUCH more dream activity and not NEARLY as much sleep needed (also so dry mouth, but that might just be the season)

    6: I am gluten free for over a year, but now I cheat a bit every couple of weeks. Chocolate, and milk break me out as well, along with sugars, but I still eat them cus they are so good :roll

  2. Well Im not on the detox/chelation therapy but would like to answer the questions

    1. Since Im taking accutane for now Im only taking one table of GNC Agree Digestive enzymes

    2. Started taking this a week from now.

    3. I think its being effective even tho Im on accutane I can tell well if they are helping with accutane to clear me up. For sure its working because my stomach doesnt bloat so its definetly working. When Im off accutane will take 2 of those a day.

    4. I had mild to moderate acne before accutane. Now im 99% clear 😛

    5. Well as many know accutane does have its side effects so im experience the regular dry skin and lips and my hair i just hate it for now.

    6. Im avoiding dairy products (but sometimes i cheat hehe)

    Mari :wave

  3. I have just started taking the supplements today and have a slight headache. I’m not worried though and will follow for several weeks until I see the improvement I expect.

  4. Supplements/Doses/Length…

    I have swapped brands a couple times, so I’ll just list the current brands and how long altogether I have taken them. I take all my supps with a meal.

    -MultiVitamin, Added Protection III w/o Copper, 3-6 caps/day. 4 Months.
    -Vitamin C, Twinlabs, two 500mg caps/day. 4 Months.
    -Vitamin B Complex, NowFoods, two 50mg caps/day. 4 Months.
    -Salmon Oil, Carlson Labs, two 1000mg caps/day (360mg EPA/250mg DHA each cap). 2 Months.
    -Black Currant Oil, Health from the Sun, two 500mg caps/day (250mg Linoleic Acid each). 2 Months.
    -Alpha Lipoic Acid, Source Naturals, one 200mg cap/day. 2 Weeks.
    -N-Acetyl Cysteine, Source Naturals, one 600mg cap/day. 2 Weeks.


    So far, I would say it has not been very effective. I certainly feel healthy but no more than I did before doing all these supps. And the reason Im taking them is to help my skin, which has only seen slight improvement since I quit takin the anti’s (minocycline), which was early August.

    Acne condition…

    My acne has been mild-to-moderate, and has stayed about the same.

    Side effects…


    Diet or Program…

    Have made changes in my diet since early July and have been following Gluten-Free about 90% since September. Once in awhile I still eat something that has wheat in it, like multi-grain pancakes, some candy or white vinegar. For the past 2 weeks, I have attempted the “B” Blood Group diet. I am not 100% there either as this diet is more restrictive (for me) than the GF diet. I intend to wean myself off some foods as I find replacements for them that I like…but it will take some time…maybe another month or two.


  5. I have been detoxing for 2 weeks and have quit antibiotics (that i was on for 7 years) about 4 weeks ago. Right now my skin is worse than it has been in years. But i know it is the toxins coming out through my skin because even though i have a bunch of big ones my pores are shrinking and my skin tone is getting brighter and more even. So (hopefully…) this will pass. Also i have gotten a bunch of sores in my mouth, had bad gas, and well…gone to the bathroom alot. So i guess since i was on anti’s for so long i have alot of crap to get out of there. But as far as medication, i go to a naturopath now (GP’s are evil :evil) and she has me on:

    Probioics (Dophilus + powder)
    Lemon Balm and oats Homeopathic medicine
    6 OMega 3 pills/day
    2 B-Complex
    2 5-HTP
    6 Vit C
    2 milk thistle
    2 Ginko Biloba

    As far as diet, i am vegan now and eat mostly green and fresh juices.

    since my skin has been wrose i have mostly locked myself in my room so i really want these side effects to end.

  6. Sounds like you are on a very fast track to recovery… maybe its working TOO well.. lol.. By that I mean if it wasnt as good you wouldnt have to suffer through all the detox symptoms all at once.

    Hang in there.. you will be much happier in a week or so 8)

  7. Since my last post here, my skin has improved. Not a lot, mind you…its just a wee bit…but I feel pretty good about it! I look forward to more progress….soon!!

    And there a couple more things I can do to help myself. Next up is more internal organ cleansing (had to add “internal” in case any of you think Im a musician). LOL!

    And I started thinkin, after readin your post dexterboy, that I am going through a purge of sorts after the many months I had been on anti’s. I’ll say this…those anti’s are messed up drugs. You have to take them religiously, they never settle good in the stomach, sometimes cause indigestion and nausea, kill all the good flora, eventually stop working, cost a crapload of cash….and you dont even get high off them!

    :roll :roll


  8. Hi guys. I was wondering if you could tell me if doing the detox will flush out any drugs that still may be in my system. I took accutane a couple of years ago and I’ve heard that strong drugs like it can remain in the body and be stored in places like the brain. Very scarey! I still feel that after coming off the drugs the side affect of depression still hits me from time to time. It’s like the drug made something snap in my mind and it can fall into depression from time to time and it can be difficult to get out. I’m afraid it may have affected my brain even though I’m now not taking it. Can this problem be solved with detox. I’ve heard fasting can help the body clear out chemicals too. Would really appreciate some advice, thanx. 😐


  9. lostinlife

    Yes, I believe that the detox supplements will help most areas of your body, including your brain.

    And if you do some fasting with this (I believe fasting is THE best way of detoxing although it’s hard work) I think you may find your cure.

    Be warned, fasting and heavy detox can throw your body into a serious healing crisis for a while – (old drugs stored in the body get released back into the blood stream and things go crazy!) hard to say how long that would last, but if you have had a lot of chemicals/drugs in your body in the past few years, it may make things a lot worse before you get better.

    When I started the detox, I had already been eating a good diet for a while, also, I hadn’t taken any drugs (not even asprin, paracetomal etc..) so, it didn’t make anything worse for me.

    I know you live in the UK – I have a couple of good books that combines fasting and diet – I will be happy to lend them to you – send me a PM like you did before with your address and I’ll post them off to you. Send them back when you have finished. Take your time. 😀

    If you send me a PM within the next couple of days, should be able to get them off to you b4 Xmas.

    Take care

  10. Maya

    Was reading you’re posts on the Absolute board regarding the detox plan. I actually bought Carol Vordamans detox book some months and was meaning to do some more detailed research into detoxing.

    Anyway I must go off the Minocin that i’m on and try the completely natural method. Where do you get the vits etc that you take, I live in N. Ireland and should be able to find the same stores as yourself.

    I’m actually not too bad at the moment but the restrictive diet is a killer. As I mentioned b4 in another thread I don’t take wheat, dairy, high glycemic foods and I would like to go back to my potatoes and early morning toast.

    My skin has red marks that won’t go away which tends to make my face look a lot worse. Will the detox plan speed up the healing process or is there anything that I can put on my face that will speed up the healing process.

    Thanks for your help.


  11. Hi Collie

    I get most of my supplements from The Solihull Health Food Centre, in solihull, West Midlands, I think they will do mail order if you phone them (don’t have their number, sorry) and they are extremely helpful.

    But the following UK sites also supply the Biocare and Solgar supplements I take:

    Also, you will probably find Solgar supplements everywhere, Biocare maybe. Both brands are as good as you can get in terms of quality.

    Red Marks:
    Try lactic/glycolic peels (I buy them from and also copper peptides.

    Also try the scotch tape method

    Both above methods – there are threads already posted on these.

    I think the detox will help with faster healing, but you can take active action yourself.

    Good luck!! 😀

  12. to lostinlife,

    about accutane and its long term effects, i took it too for 2 rounds about three years ago (i must say it is the worst drug ever invented!) but about a year ago i asked a dermatologist if the drug could still be effecting me because i have suffered non-genetic hairloss since i went off it and he immediately played it down by saying “no no, all drugs leave the body within 7 days of stopping them.” “hmm”, i said, ” then why can people only take accutane once for 4 months and never have acne again?” “well because the effects can last for 3-5 years”

    So for me that sucks, since i took accutane my life has been hell. i didn’t even think about acutane in my detox, but i guess it’s effects could be reversed.

    But to you or anyone detoxing that has been on drugs i would say definelty take PRO-BIOTICS. You can read about them in other threads if you don’t know what they do.

  13. Maya

    Thanks for the info on the vit suppliers. I am totally convinced that diet plays a crucial part in my acne and it seems as if you are also staying away from some selected food types. What would be your typical diet? For me its

    Breakfast (7.30am): Boiled egg,
    1st Lunch (11am): usually cooked chicken (if I’m hungry whole chicken)/salad
    2nd Lunch: (1pm) braised steak or fish, veggies, piece fruit
    Snack (5pm): chicken/tuna salad
    Dinner (7.30pm): steak, oinions/peppers w/ steamed veggies
    Bed: Small piece fruit

    I avoid all wheat, diary and high glycemic foods like potatoes, carrots. Despite my substantial food (I should be fat with this kind of intake) I have lost close on 1 stone in weight (think thats about 14lbs for ye Americans). I drink very little alcohol but do drink around 2 litres of water per day. I’ve probabally never been as healthy in my life before but I am too skinny, I need that stone back on again. Is there anything I can eat that puts on weigh that doesn’t have the trigger foods.

    Breakfast is the worst time of all. I used to love a bowl of cornflakes, drenched in ice cold milk, with a banana and a few slices of toast with marmalade. But I’ll survive. Hey if its a choice between bad skin and a skinny face I know which I would choose. Just a pity I couldn’t have both.

    I have been on the probiotics and the digestive enzymes and am drinking green tea. All seem to be helping but if i break my rules even a little I get new breakouts. If I could only rid myself of the red marks I could live with a few new spots every now and then.

    Thanks for the info and I’d be interested to know what everyone else’s diet is like.


  14. The detox has the possiblility of helping your body heal itself faster, by having less toxins to deal with. However, using like an MSM gel would speed things along nicely! (to make your own mix in pure aloe.. this stuff is great)

  15. Nomad

    What is MSM and where do you get it. I do have some alo vera at home but i don’t use the stuff.

  16. Hey, you can get MSM at most health food stores or online.. its pretty cheap stuff if you get it from the right place. Its bassicaly a sulferus compound.. a kind of salt.

  17. Nomad

    I got the MSM powder – what now. Some people say that it should be rubbed on the skin others say take it in a meal. Whats the best way to take this stuff.


  18. If you combine it into a gel or lotion that you put on your face, it will reduce redness and swelling.

    If you take the dose it reccomends internally, its a great way to help detox. (also helps swelling in the body) almost like asprin, but not a drug…

  19. OK – good news – for the past 2 months or so, I have been all the vits in my detox list (vit c at 4gms, NAC, multi, probiotics, digestive enzymes etc) – it cleared me up really well – my skin has continued to improve.

    Also, I am doing the scotch tape method (with great success now!) and afterwards putting on Copper Peptides and Jojoba oil at night (MSM gel in the day) – my skin tone is looking pretty good.

    Of course none of the above has helped much with the pitted scarring, but the scars are flatter.

    What I wanted to report was that for the past 10 days or so – I have been on hols at my parents – I ate EVERYTHING – loads of cake and junk – milk, wheat – all in excessive amounts – AND my skin did not break out at all – I am convinced it is because my body is working better now because of detoxing – also, I took 1 digestive enzyme before and after food (and since i ate around 10 times a day!! I ended up taking loads of them!!) and this obviously helped break down all the junk.

  20. I’m doing the detox as well.

    I’m taking pure coenzyme A from Coenzyme A technologies

    the ingredients are:
    Coenzyme a modulator matrix-1000mg
    calcium pyruvate
    magnesium malate-100mg
    acetyl l-caritine
    also taking:
    8g of b5
    colon care product

    Started this 1 week ago, and I’m having my intial breakout now cuz I’m breaking out on my forehead with small pustuales, and I never breakout on my forehead. It sucked cuz I had a family christmas part today and I looked bad,but oh well. I’m sure it’s on for awhile.

    also…..I’m not using any topicals except a little bp to put on the active pimples that rose already. But I’m using any topicals to “prevent” pimples. I’m just washing with warm water 3 times a day.


  21. Hi Ryan

    How long have you been on the Co-A and B5????

    How is it working for you?

    I remember reading that B5 is what produces Co-A in the body, so do you think it will be in effect doubling up the B5 effect?

    Good luck with it all and it would be great if you could update your results here.

    Most of us seem to be taking different products for detoxing – mine is the NAC and i think Nomad is on ALA. I have cleared up nicely, but then again, I am using many supplements!!

  22. Where exactly can I get info on detox? Like what supplements to take, techniques etc.

    Thanks in advance

  23. Have a look at the first few posts on this thread – both Nomad and I take similar supplements.

  24. This is my first post, although I have been reading here alot during the past couple of weeks since I found this fabulous site – and it is fabulous! Thanks to all of you who took your time to make it happen.

    First question: I already take a great supplement (SeaSilver) so – and correct me if I have this wrong – taking NAC and MSM is what you would add to detox?

    And Maya ~ I went to the site you posted – Perri Skin Care – and am thinking about getting a peel kit. Which one? I was also wondering if you (or anyone) had an opinion on the copper peptide products they sell. I have lots of old scarring, huge pores and very oily skin, plus the “age” factor is beginning to come into play. (I’ve become 35 recently)

    Last question (for today :mrgreen ): What do you all suggest for a 13 yr. old who is just beginning to have trouble with acne? This seems to run in my family, on my mother’s side. All of my cousins (except of course my adopted cousin) have had the exact same acne troubles, and now I can see my son coming right behind us. I do not want to have to take him to a dermatologist, as I have had a nightmare experience with one, and a not so wonderful experience with another. Do not want him on endless antibiotics. His trouble is what began my most recent search.

    All of the detox talk ( I almost read the whole thread on that other board – may I thank you all again for this one? :wink ) has me very interested. I went through half of a round of Accutane about 10 years ago. It was very nice not having oily skin! Would be so nice to be able to acquire an accutane effect naturally.

    Well, now I’ve gone to rambling! I’ve got all of your posts that I’ve read jumbling around in my head….so I’ll just stick with what I’ve got and save the rest for later.


  25. HeatherFeather


    Is Sea Silver a multi? To detox (as in chelation therapy) you need to add either NAC, ALA or MSM – you can also use a combination or all of them. You also need vit C plus a good multi.

    About peel kits – I use lactic peels (50%) which are better suited to sensitive skin than glycolic, but glycolic at 30% works just fine. You should notice a difference to your skin texture after 3-4 peels. You can use the copper peptides after the peeling to help build collagen. It is quite soothing.

    For your oily skin, I suggest you start using either Jojoba or extra virgin olive oil as your night-time moisteriser. They are incredible for nbalancing your skin.

    For your 13 year old – A good diet is the best bet. Check out the posts on this and other boards started by SweetJade – her diet knowledge is unsurpassed by any others. Also, a good gentle cleanser with some BP in it could help – try Carleys – it’s good stuff and not too expensive, most who have tried it like it and they have a money back guarantee.

  26. 😀 Hi Maya,
    I used to do a cleanse something like the one in the web link that I have placed below this note way back when I had a real problem with breakouts. Lemon appears to be real popular for this sort of thing. My fast lasted 3 days then, and I only drank water with fresh lemon juice. It did work to stop the breakout but it was funny that I did not lose any weight at these times so I do not advise it for someone wanting to lose weight. There are other better options for losing weight.

    I have heard of people eating just grapes during a fast to get rid of the toxins in the body. Perhaps it is the grapeseed antioxidant in the skin of the grapes that helps here. It is easier to just buy grapeseed extract in gel caps because it is available today where as it was not available several years ago.

  27. Thanks, Maya!
    Yes, Seasilver is a multi. I’m going to post the list of ingredients in case anyone is interested. I’ve been taking this for a year this month. Has it helped my acne? The most important thing I have notice concerning this is that when I get a cyst, it doesn’t last very long now. They used to – like everyone knows – last forever! This seems to knock them out pretty quickly (1-2 days) for me. Or should I say that my body can knock them out quicker now. Ever since I read the detox thread, I’ve been thinking about taking a higher dosage for two or three months, to see if that does any more good. The dosage for me now (under 150 lbs.) is 1 oz., but -taken from the site- “If you have health challenges and require extra nutrients, you can take up to 1 ounces 4 times a day.”

    Seasilver Foundational Health Program (this is a liquid)

    Food Matrix Source Vitamin A (Beta Carotene)
    Vitamin B (Complex)
    Vitamin C (Complex)
    Vitamin D
    Vitamin E
    *Vitamin J-K-P
    * Vitamin C Co-Factors

    Food Matrix Source
    Calcium Magnesium Phosphorus Potassium

    Food Matrix Source
    Barium Bismuth Boron Bromine Cadmium Cesium Cerium Chloride
    Chromium Cobalt Copper Fluorine Gallium Germanium Gold Indium
    Iodine Iridium Iron Lanthanum Lithium Manganese Molybdenum Nickel
    Niobium Osmium Palladium Platinum Rhodium Rubidium Selenium Silica
    Silicon Silver Sodium Strontium Sulfur Tellurium Tin Titanium Tungsten Uranium Vanadium Zinc Zirconium

    Food Matrix Source
    Alanine Arginine Aspartic Acid Citrulline Cysteine Cystine Glutamic Acid
    Glutamine Glycine Histidine Ornithine Proline Serine Taurine Tyrosine

    **Essential Amino Acids

    Food Matrix Source

    Matrix Aloe Vera
    Pau D’arco
    Cranberry Concentrate

    For more info you can check out their site

    We are also trying to eat better here. I will check out the diet thread. (I say “we”, meaning I’m dragging my husband and two kids along for the ride- although hubby is a bit more agreeable than he used to be…)

    For your oily skin, I suggest you start using either Jojoba or extra virgin olive oil as your night-time moisteriser. They are incredible for balancing your skin.

    Okay, I’m going to try it – but it’s going against all my nerve endings to think about putting OIL on my face! :crazyeyes

    I forgot to ask if you thought the copper peptides did a good job of smoothing out discolorations.

    And I’m going to go look at the Carley’s…..

    Thenk you veddy much!

  28. HeatherFeather

    That saounds like a great multi!! It’s got a lot in there.

    About the copper peptides – on their own, they won’t do that much, but combined with exfoliation (via lactic/glycolic peels or something similar) it will help smooth out skin. – BUT it will be the glycolic/lactic that will get rid of the discolourations.The copper peptides are to help rebuild collagen after exfoliation. If you want more info on them, check out

    A lot of people feel nervous about putting oil on their face – but Jojoba and Olive oil really do work – it somehow tricks your own skin. Keep us posted. And good luck. 😀

  29. Thanks again, Maya! You are so very helpful. And I’ll try to get the quotes right next time…


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