Any Idea Whats Wrong With Me?

Any Idea Whats Wrong With Me?
wen ever i go outside when its cold, my face always turns a red colour, every one elses goes, bleach white, except mine goes really RED!! any ont got any idea why this mite b happening? plzzz?

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5 thoughts on “Any Idea Whats Wrong With Me?

  1. Im not expert in cold weathers but wouldnt that redness be due to increased blood circulation due to the cold weather? Perhaps its just something that happen to you we sometimes have peculiar characteristics. Or perhaps for you type of skin. How red that is? Wouldnt that look better than looking too pale. I liked the face redness I got from accutane as I looked like I went to the beach, looked nice 😀

  2. yeh i was thinkin its probably sumthin 2 do with blood 2 my face.
    my skin is a tanned-ish colour, but its just weird how it goes red wen its cold, o well, im not 2 bothered.

    as im here ill just keep a few ppl updated on my B5.
    I been off B5 nearly 4 weeks now, and stil clear except for 1 tiny white head on the left side of my fore head, and a couple of black heads on my nose.
    im thinkin of goin bak on B5 coz i just hav a feelin im gonna break out. also 1 more bad thing, my oil production seems 2 b cummin bak, i seem 2 b gettin oilier agen :puppydogeyes , maybe this is now the time i shud start B5 agen? ill keep ya updated.

  3. my skin gets redder in the winter, much of it has to do with the retin a I suppose. But it is a fact that cold weather is much dryer weather than warmer, due to the lack of humidity. I use lubridem moisturizing lotion and it works fairly well in controlling the redness. U probably dont necassarily have to use lubriderm but make sure that whatever u use says “non-comodegenetic”, which means it wont cuase or further aggravate acne.

  4. Rammstein,
    Are you part Irish? Irish skin is usually quite sensitive to ultra violet light.

    I am part Irish, and when i lived in snow country I would often turn red during the winter months when it had snowed. The whiteness of the snow would reflect the ultra violet light back into my face, and the cold wind would intensify the effect. This made me get quite red sometimes when it was cold and snowy, and sometimes windy outside. Could this be your situation? You probably do not have to be part Irish for all of this to happen to you just being light skinned could be the part that makes all of the rest of this to happen to you.

    So…are you light in color? You said you are a bit light beige in color so the reflected ultra violet from the snow coupled with the wind factor could be your problem the same as it was mine. I am light but I have a golden undertone to my skin probably because I am a 1/4 French.

    Not a bit of Italian in my heritage except for my taste in cooking.
    Hope I helped a wee bit,

  5. no im not part irish, my dad was born in newcastle, but i dont think that makes any difference.
    o well, ill jst hav 2 live with the cold redness.
    and by the way ive decided 2 go back on B5, as today ive woken up with a bigger spot on my forhead, and 1 on my temple and can also feel another forming on the left side of my jaw, so from 4 weeks with out B5, and being clear, im goin back, life sucks dont it????


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