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Hello all, i’m new to the board.
I’m in my mid 20’s and just started breaking out about 2 yrs ago. I’ve NEVER had any acne prob before that (well, maybe 1 or 2 zits right before my period..) anyway, I’ve been forever searching for skin care that’d help with my acne. I’ve tried Proactiv, i think it worked at the beginning but the result didn’t last, and when i started using it again, i broke out really bad from it..
I’ve heard some good reviews on Dermalogica products. Especially their anti bac cleanser and derma clay cleaser… just wondering has anyone here had good results from this line? or maybe some other line?

Thank you!

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One thought on “Dermalogica products

  1. hey there! welcome to the board!
    i have used dermalogica products on and off over the years, and i think they are lovely. they incorporate a lot of natural ingredients also, so they are good for your skin.
    i usually use the special cleansing gel because it is 100% soap and oil free, and it is gentle on your skin. i havent tried the anti bac or dermal clay cleanser but i have also heard great stuff about them. maybe you could go in to see a beauty therapist and ask for some samples? i know the place i used to work would give out lots of samples so people could try before they bought anything. but either way, dermalogica have a 100% money back guarantee so if you dont like it, you take it back for a full refund. so its worth a try 🙂 let us know how you go 🙂

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