FOR SALE!!!!!!!! Solgar B5 – UK ONLY

I received an unwanted gift of 4 large jars of Solgar B5 (Pantothenic Acid). Each jar contains 250 vegicaps of 550mg of B5 each.

There is nothing wrong with these jars – I just don’t use B5 that’s all! Solgar is one of the best brands you can buy worldwide.

Best before date: October 2005

Retail price – £28 per jar

My sale price: £17 per jar and I include free postage and packaging to the UK only

Interested? Send me a Private Message or put your email here and I will contact you. First come, first serve.

Again – UK people only please.


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18 thoughts on “FOR SALE!!!!!!!! Solgar B5 – UK ONLY

  1. on the same note i have some erthromycin tablets for sale just got a prescription the other day but unused due to change of medicine

  2. If i was 2 buy 1, how would i pay you? would you send me a self addressed envelope, then i send you the money in that?
    hit me back,

  3. Rammstein – I guess I know you well enough – yes, I could send you a jar and you then pay me. If you want that – send me a PM with your address and contact details.

  4. soz i took so long 2 reply i been out all day.
    anyways, how long wud this B5 take 2 get 2 me? do u hav any idea?

  5. How come u didn’t send me a PM with your address? LOL

    I’ve already sold 2 of the 4 jars.

    I’d get it in the post to you tomorrow – guess it would take 2 days.

  6. Yes – I’ve just wrapped up one jar in bubble wrap and will take it to the post office in the morning – should be with you Tuesday or Wednesday.

    Cheers :tu

  7. i no this has cum up as an unregistered Rammstein, but this is the registered Rammstein, i got cut from the net and cant b arsed 2 sign in agen.

    thanks 4 the B5, make sure u put my whole first name on the package, and nit just ‘J.’ then my surname, coz my dads name bgins wiv ‘J’ and he mite fink its for him.Thanks.
    and ill post ur money 2moz aswell.

    Keep It Real :tu


  8. hehehe lilnat 😀 – hmmm, maybe if i had some viagra to sell…

    OK – 3 jars are sold. ONLY 1 jar left. Any takers?

  9. There might be a big market for it on this board Maya! You could make yourself a profit! :wink

    lilnat :angel

  10. No i am not miss maya! 😮 I was just wondering for the benefit of others on this board! Thats how thoughtful i am!


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