Tom’s modified diet regimen

OK, these foods are (in my opinion) beneficial:
* olive oil
* tuna/sardines/fish in general
* veggies – NOT potatoes. Replace potatoes with sweet potatoes (yams).
* nuts – but not peanuts of cashew nuts (these are actually lectins) – so nuts like hazelnuts, almonds, etc. These are high energy so will help fill you up. Sesame seeds are great.
* Fruit – apples are excellent, bananas, grapes, plumbs. Don’t eat citric acids, you will break out. Prunes are nice, too.

There’s tonnes more really, for snacks I tend to eat sesame seed snaps (consist of sesame seeds and honey), parsnip crisps (potato chips to US people), fruit, nuts, etc. There is this cool thing called halva ( which fills you up as a snack and is available from all good health stores.

Regarding wheat and gluten, I do not eat these products, but I eat replacements for pretty much everything. In my local supermarket you can buy gluten/wheat free bread, pasta, pizza bases … 99% of things you can get with wheat. Rice based pasta is nice, try that. It all costs quite a lot of money, but it’s worth it – it all depends how committed you are.

For a nice lunch, sometimes I mix up tuna, mayonnaise, beans (not (heinz) baked beans) and herbs and eat that out of a bowl with a fork, it’s great. With my gluten/wheat free bread, I sometimes make a meal by dipping it in whisked egg and frying it to make eggy bread. I eat a lot of smoked fish (mackeral, haddock, etc) which provides a lot of beneficial things such as proteins and oils. I use eggs for a lot of things actually, a lot of the time it’s experimenting and if it works – stick to it!

Try and eat some meat with every meal if you can, and around 4tbsp olive oil a day. You can either drink this from a tablespoon (this is what I do – it’s a bit at first but you get used to it), or just drizzle a substancial amount over your food.

If you have cravings for sugar (we all do), eat fruit, honey (on a toasted slice of your wheat/gluten free bread, perhaps?) and that halva stuff. Be careful not to over do it – because honey DOES have sugars in it, so if you eat too much you can break out. But it is much less likely to break you out than artificial sugars.

Instead of dairy milk I take soya milk, the taste is pretty much the same as skimmed milk and in fact soya milk contains more calcium so is more beneficial to you. For breakfast cereals, check out your health store and they have a lot of cool wheat free cereals. In fact, spend an afternoon in your health store food isle and you will find most things you’re after.

Other things I do include:
* drink a hell of a lot of water (8 pints a day, each pint has two teaspoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice in it). Btw, remember to put a bit of salt into o­ne meal, or eat salty stuff (like sardines), because by drinking this much water you can deplete the amount of salt in your system.
* Take vitamin supplements: B-complex, vitamin C and MSM
* 5 minutes a day in front of a sun lamp. I purchased o­ne of these, they cost around $150 USD. I wouldnt recommend going to a sunning salon though.

That’s about it. It takes a while to get going, ie. to find new recipes, what works for you and what doesn’t. I started my modified diet around 6 months ago and it took 3 months for me to figure what does make me tick and what does make me explode (from inside!). I was getting pretty depressed by it but then I found the right routine and now I’m great.

You might want to checkout these books: and also search for a book entitled “blood group cook book” and find the o­ne that is your blood group.

Added: Tuesday, March 25, 2003
Reviewer: Tom
Skin Type: Oily
Acne Severity: Severe

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