Rich’s ultimate skin care and optimal health regimen


3 tablespoons of Total Essential fatty acids
by Health from the Sun

800 IU or 2 caps Natures Way Vitamin E 400 d Alpha

200mcg or 1 cap Natures Way Selenium

10g or 20 caps Evolution X B5 Supplement:- break this up into 4 doses of 5 caps or 2.5g with food
throughout day

50,000 (2 caps) of natures way Beta

1 tablespoons of Health from the Sun flax
meal fibre supplement You must drink at least 4 pints of water after as fibre absorbs water as it is digsted. Also dont take this at the same time as you take the EFAs and the vitamins as they will be absorbed by the fibre

2 tablespoon of Natures secret Ultimate
fible supplement dissolved in 2 pints of water ( as a rule you should always take soluble fibre in a 2:1 ratio to the insoluble flax meal, hence 2 tablespoons


1 tablespoon of Natures secret Ultimate fibre supplement dissolved in 1 pint of water

3 caps of twinlab ZMA fuel ( a great magnesium and zinc formula to support healthy and stable hormone production)

2 caps of garden of life Primal defense ( regarded as the best pro-biotic supplement on the web)

it is really important to cycle liver cleansing and building herbs also to rebuild and cleanse your liver.. For 2 weeks take 6 caps of Natures way AKN skincare per day than for the next 2 weeks take 1 cap each of Natures way Milk Thistle, Astragalus and Artichoke. then repaet the process. These herbs are liver cleansing and liver building split up. herbs however only stimulate and shock the liver to release bile and toxins so if the same ones are taken continuiously than their potency will be adveresly affected.

Eat plenty of vegtables and fruit. Limit fried food, and as little sugar as possible, No dairy and gluten.

topically:- Natual elements cleanser and moisturizer morning and night

Quite a process I know but well worth it. This regime cleared me up totally in 6 weeks resulting in perfect skin. about 14 or 15 perople who I have given it too also had exactly the same results. the regime mitigates all the problems causing acne:- bad digestion, lack of prosuglandins to deactivate excess hormones, poor liver function to expel de-activated hormones and toxins in the blood. Also increases bodys production of co-enzyme A

Hope it works 4 U

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