Nomad’s Acne Fight

I take the following every day, divided evenly with meals:

Solgar: NAC 600mg
Solgar: ALA 200mg
GE Vits: C 2gms
GE Multi min: 1g
GE Oxy-e: 1 small pill
GE Homocystex: 1 pill a day (b-complex)
GE Pant acid/acnemiricle B5 4g
GE Omega 3 Fish Oil – 6 pills a day
MegaZymes *digestive Enzymes* 1 a day with meal
GE 1 Probiotic w/FOS every other day or so at night

I wash o­nce a day with Carleys Clean and Clear, and then I use tape o­n my face every couple of days.

I eat a diet free of milk, chocolate, and wheat (gluten free)… I also limit my sugar intake, and drink lots of water.

I have been doing this routine for 2 months now, and I am 95% clearer than I was before when I was o­n Proactive.

Added: Monday, January 20, 2003
Reviewer: Nomad
Skin Type: oily
Acne Severity: moderate

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