Franky’s Acne Treatment: Multi-Attack Lemon Regimen

Hey all – remember a while back i was clear for 2 weeks using lemon juice and then I broke out… Well I have refined that regimen to a science and its now working again to keep me ridiculously clear – I havent posted cause I didnt want to jump the gun – but my regimen is now a combo of things that is working to make my skin look amazing ….. here it is…

Here’s what u will need…

TWINLAB brand B5 Caps (B5 used to break me out in wierd places but always stopped oil if taken correctly.. with this regimen there are no breakouts in wierd places)

SICILIA brand 100% Lemon juice (Sold in the juice isle of any supermarket comes in a lemon shaped plastic bottle)

PANOXYL brand 10% BP Cleansing Bar (this used to dry me out and make my skin look like crap – when u cut down oil and use the lemon it makes your skin glow… lemon makes other things work better!)

Vitamin C


Flax Seed Oil Caps

—The Regimen—

Wash Face with PANOXYL BAR
Take 12g of B5, 2 Flax Seed Oil Caps and 2g of Vitamin C

Wash face with PANOXYL if you feel you’d like to (I o­nly do if I worked or went to gym)
Take 12g B5, 2 Flax Seed Oil Caps and 50 mg Zinc

Take a cotton ball and lightly soak it in the SICILIA lemon juice… gently swipe the cotton ball all over your face… leave it o­n til the stinging subsides completely (about 3-5 mins or less according to the individual)… then…
Wash Face with PANOXYL BAR
Take 12g of B5, 2 Flax Seed Oil Caps and 2g of Vitamin C

This regimen will keep you clear and if you have marks you are trying to fade in the mean time you can apply HERBAL LOGIX Spot, Scar, and Blemish cream to those aread before you go to bed.

I have been battling with acne again for about 6 months now and I was o­ne week away from starting ACCUTANE…. but this regimen kicked in I researched it – I am attacking the oil production, the bacteria production and my digestion and immune system at the same time – It just

Added: Tuesday, March 11, 2003
Reviewer: FrankY
Skin Type: Oily
Acne Severity: Moderate

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