New Regimen, Read!!!

Hello all, well I have been using a new regimen for the past 3 days and although it may be too early to tell for sure… it looks to be making my skin look a lot better and feel a lot smoother… here’s what I do… let me know what u think, give it a shot and post your results…

First thing is you need to go buy a bottle of 100% pure lemon juice ,, I use the “Real Lemon” brand… I put about a teaspoon worth of lemon juice in a glass of water and i drink it – I do this about 5 or 6 times a day.

in the Am i wash with Aveeno balancing facial cleansing bar

in the pm i was again with the aveen bar i let it dry then i put some lemon juice on a cotton ball and lightly swipe my entire face with it, finally dapping a small amount of clearasil on any existing blemishes.. I am down to 2 pimples right now!!! wish me luck and continued success cause one more big breakout and its accutane for me!

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33 thoughts on “New Regimen, Read!!!

  1. GOOD LUCK FANKY! i usually stick to a new regimen for atleast a month (unless it obviously breaks me out or dries me out) to determine if my skin is improving.

  2. Good luck, Franky. Sounds like you may have found your cure! Don’t get your hopes up though, just incase!

    Good luck though 🙂

  3. On day 5 now with no breakouts – juts on small clogged pore on cheeck that came and gone!!! Wooohoooo – I have a bottle of trimethoprim right here and just in case anything funny happens im gonna start popping these pills and go on accutane asap – on a side note, unfortunately i have also realized that ur skin just looks muuuuch healthier if and when u maintain a low carb diet….

  4. Hi! I’ve been doing this for past few days too. I wanted to post it too, but you were faster.

    I drink real lemons! 2 times a day. I wash my face ONLY with water, I drink a lot of water. And that’s it. My face has really improved. I don’t have any new pimples. And the red spots that I had are wanishing quite fast. Few acne that came up before I started drinking lemon are still there, but are shrinking quite fast.

    Franky, lemon is a quite strong acid. Drinking it more than 2 times a day might make you problems in future. Stomach problems. Try to cut down a bit. And never drink on an empty stomach!

    Also don’t put lemon juice on your face too often, it is again acid and it can be bad as well.

    But lemon juice definitelly helps a lot! People try it. And if you have mild acne forget about chemicals!!! They are addictive to the skin!

  5. Slaven, i am drinking lemon juice mixed with water – not just strait lemon juice – is that still upsetting to the stomach?

  6. Franky,

    Your post inspired me to go buy some lemon juice. 😀

    I washed w/ cetaphil then applied the juice with a cotton ball. I waited 20 minutes then rinsed it off w/ a soft, moist cloth.

    My face feels very tight, smooth and clean but I am hoping it will not dry me out as I break out more due to dry skin. I have heard so may great things regarding using lemon juice as a mask. I am just a bit worried b/c my face is fairly clear and I freak whenever I use anything new. :shock

    I am mostly wanting to improve my skin tone, tighten my pores and of course prevent future breakouts. Not asking for much, am I? :wink

    I am going to try this for a few days along w/ mixing lemon juice in my bottled water.

    Good luck to us both. :mrgreen


  7. Hey Franky! I drink it mixed with water too. I don’t know how often you can drink it withot having problems . Just NEVER do it on empty stomach… as it is suggested on some message boards!

  8. Unfortunately, the lemon mask did not work for me. 🙁

    I woke up to many milia type bumps on my forehead. They resembled the kind I had when I broke out badly last fall… only worse.

    Oh well… I’m going to keep drinking the lemon water and stick to the mint julep mask.

  9. I’m sorry Misty… luckily i am on day 5 now wil ZERO breakouts and skin that feels oil free and yet moisturized… hopefully i will have continued good results… how does the rest of your face look minus the brok out forehead , keep in mind the lemon may have just helped bring to the surface what may have become cysts later on…

  10. Day 7 – one week! oooohhh my gooddd….. Beset regimen I have ever used, I also added the following to my regimen…

    I use the Tape method every 3 days
    I eat…
    NO white bread
    Less than 20 mg a day of sugar
    NO Caffeine (I drink 2-3 cups of dunkin donuts decaf with equal a day, no problems)
    NO pasta
    NO white rice

    I eat mostly all vegatables, potatoes, meat, chicken yada yada – I work @ Chilis so I eat Steaks and Margarita grilled chicken and tuna if you know what that is…

    I snack on chocolate rice cakes and atkins advantage bars (chocolate peanut butter and almont brownie are FANTASTIC!)

  11. I’m on day 7 too ( I think). My face is getting better and better. I don’t put lemon juice on my face. I just drink lemon. And I wash my face only with water.

    I eat everything , drink everything. Do everything normaly, and I have no pimples, only few small red marks that are fading away…slowly but they still are fading away

  12. Franky…I’m SO GLAD that you have found something that works for you. Are you still doing your vitamin/supplement regimen?

    You didn’t mention it, but I assume you are still doing it?

    BTW….I LOVE CHILLI’S!!!!! Skillet Queso….mmmmmmmmmmm……Fajita pitas………..mmmmmmmmmm…………..spinach/artichoke quesadillas…………mmmmmmmmmmmmmm


  13. Oh wow I HAVE to try that!!!!! I don’t think I could give up pasta though or caffiene. Cherry Coke is the only thing that keeps me awake in science class and that is in the afternoon! lol but I am going to start using lemon juice. Thanks for the idea!

  14. I REALLY don’t think the lemon water could POSSIBLY cause ANY problems in the stomach.. the stomach acid, HCL, is MANY times over stronger than even concentrated lemon juice. Now if you have some sort of ulcer or stomach disease already, that MIGHT be a differnt story… then it would be best to ask your doctor who is treating this condition.

    Oh, and Misty, new pimples won’t form and be visiable overnight like that, they were already hiding under the skin, the lemon just brought them up to the top… this could probably be seen as a good, progressive thing as most good acne treatments will ussualy make it worse at first (getting all the junk out) I reccomend you give it a little longer try and after like a week see how many NEW ones you can see just starting to form as compared to now.. this is how you can tell if somthings working. Bacteria are not able to survive as well when the skin is acidic from the lemon (or apple cider viniger as many people use) this decreases acne.

  15. I am still taking vits c, and e and other supps randomly not religiously… i firmly beleive i have found a cure as the lemon makes my face feel “normal” for the first time in ages i can splash water on my face and just go out!!!! 100% pure Lemon Juice (RealLemon) is my cure!!!

    also note…. after 3 days doing this… you know all of those black dots in your nose?….. well they are all gone! i was able to just like rub em off in the shower I AM SOOO HAPPYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. For all those who the RealLemon brand did not work well for….

    I am SOOOO sorry, I went to the supermarket and realized the brand I was using is “Sicilia” not the brand “RealLemon” – Sicilia is imported from italy (says on bottle) and comes in a contaner that looks like a lemon its ingredients are 100% lemon juice and lemon oil and SULFUR!!!! as a preservative … Sulfur is ceeery good for your skin – I love life so much right now 🙂

  17. Hey thats interesting…. i was looking into some homeopathic medicines that help acne and sulfur is one i came across…. maybe the sulfur is doing you as much good as the lemon juice Franky.

  18. Hey all I am curious as to whecther anyone else is using this method? I’d love to see it clear at least one more person!!!

  19. About lemon juice and stomach! I did some reasearch and I found out that it’s not bad for your stomach, it’s actually great for your stomach and it cures ulsers as well!

    And for my lemon juice therapy, my face is still getting better , but I made a mistake! I ate A LOT of chocolate and I got medium sized white head… so avoid chocolate!

  20. Franky, congrats on finding a cure. Hope it keeps you clear!!

    Also, how long are you leaving the lemon on your face before rinsing? And how much are you using?


    Ryan 🙂

  21. hey all sometimes i leave the lemon on for 15 mins or i put it on and go to the gym and rinse it off 2 or 3 h9ours later…. I know i have my cure now and unfortunately its not just the lemon i need to follow a maderately low carb diet also…

    between yesterday and today being snowed in i have had a bowl of broccoli and cheese soup, 2 bowls of chicken noodle soup, a oreo madness desert at fridays yesterday (i knew the waitress and she gave it free so i couldn’t resist), chicken cordon bleau, some mashed potatoes and ohh yah the biggest kicker a WHOLE BAD or Murphy’s Sugar-Free oreo-clone cookies (yeah, no sugar but hella carbs) so right now i am really mad at myself as I have 3 new pimples , granted they arent cysts… but they still piss me off as they make me feel ugly and i know I could have prevented them… tommorow I am back to meat, chicken, veggies, tuna, atkins bars and coffee ONLY… as that diet along with lemon works miracles for me…

  22. Well those pimples i talked ab getting yesterday – well they all game to a huge head today and are gone – see Lemmon juice also stopps u from getting cysts woooohooo I am positive that these would have been cysts had I not used the lemon.. now they are all emptied with aneedle easily and healing…

    ps – thank u mari and ryan

  23. hey franky i have pretty sensitive skin and i used lemon juice for the first time yesterday and it really burned my face when i put it on. i can usually take pain and stuff but this hurt so bad i left it on for like 10 seconds and then had to rinse it off. does it burn your face or is it just because it was my first time using it? o yeah and remember to add your regimen to the skin care section k! 😀 thanks!
    ~Dana :heart

  24. 😀 Hi Frank Y,
    This post is on topic, and it is a bit off topic because I take Sulfur internally as well as put it on my skin as you are doing right now with the lemon juice with the Sulfur in it.

    Love that Sulfur!

    MSM is a Sulfur!

    I use MSM in a face cream form, and my skin is looking very healthy these days! I have had just one zit since I have been using the MSM cream. Now my acne has been on the mild side for quite some time now but getting only one zit in over a couple of months time is unusually good. After reading your post this evening about the lemon juice having Sulfur in it I realized that yes, it has to be the Sulfur that is doing so much good for my skin right now. I started using the MSM cream because it helps with filling in scars, I did not think about the germ killing ability of the Sulfur on the skin until now.

    Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) is a Sulfur!

    Since I have been taking ALA in capsule form I have been more healthy than I usually am during the winter months. It appears to kill bacteria and virus internally as well as on the skin.

    I have gotten the early symptoms of a cold several times since I started taking the ALA, and each time I didn’t get sick. The early symptoms just went away. One thing I have noticed is that sometimes my stomach ‘burns’ after taking the ALA. I am glad that this does not happen all of the time. I don’t know why it happens when it does.
    Maybe it is just doing its job?


    Lemon juice on the skin reduces pore size. I’ve used it for this myself in the past.

    Lemon removes oily sebum from the skin.
    Have you noticed all the citrus household cleaners that are on the market today! Citric acid from lemons and oranges is being used in furniture cleaner to bathroom tile cleaner. Citric acid is non-toxic…it is safe!

    When lemons are squeezed it is usually the whole lemon that is pressed meaning the oil from the lemon skin gets into the juice, and I think the lemon oil plays a part in what is going on here.

    Citric acid has been used as a preservative in prepared foods for many years BECAUSE it prevents the growth of bacteria!

    Sulfur kills bacteria and virus. Sulfur has been used on dried fruit for years because it kills bacteria that get on the fruit as it dries.

    Mixing lemon in water and drinking it first thing in the morning is an old cure all from Mediterranean countries.

    Frank, I think that you have hit upon something really special here with that particular brand of lemon juice with the Sulfur in it.


  25. 🙁

    i have a new cyst 🙁

    using glyco-8 cream right now from pharmagel as i was using it daily befoe i started using the lemon i will keep all posted – if i am not 100% clear by end of feb i am going to take accutane…

  26. Dana, lemon on my face dosen’t exactally feel good, but I wouldn’t say it burns… It just kind of itches for the first 5 minutes or so, it’s more annoying than painful. Do you have any cuts on you face or peeling skin that the lemon is getting into or anything? Because that seems weird! It kind of hurts, but it is definiatly bearable..

  27. yeah maybe i just need to take it lol i think it probably was just irritation but it did sting a little. im going to try it again. but, for the little while i had it on, i can tell a difference. my forehead has cleared a little and so has my nose (thats really the only 2 places i have acne) i think if i would have left it on a little it would have been even better. o and no i have no cuts or anything on my face. lol thanks ryan!
    ~Dana :heart

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