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I’ve gotten about 95% clear through diet. This diet really does work quite well if you stick to the plan. Here’s basically what my diet consists of: O­ne day a week (at first maybe every second or third day) eat nothing but fruit and vegetables, and drink about eight glasses of a weak lemonade like mix of lemon and water.

This diet stirs up a lot of toxins that are in the body.

First thing the next morning, eat some raw veggies. These veggies should cause you to have a natural bowel movement. My diet other than that consists of eating o­nly whole grains- no white rice, no white bread, no white sugar, no white pasta. Also, no dairy other than small amounts of butter (never margarine), and small amounts of real, not processed, cheese. Yogurt can also be eaten o­n this diet. Watch out for carageenan, dulse, kelp etc.because these seaweed products are loaded with iodine, and iodine causes major break-outs.

The above foods, white rice, white bread, white sugar and white pasta, cause toxins to get clogged up in the system. And when the system is over-loaded with toxins, they start coming out through the skin in acne prone people. Also, refrain from eating any hydrogenated oils, and/or foods fried in hydrogenated oils. And don’t eat much fruit o­n the days you’re not o­n the food-fast. If you ever cheat, and start breaking out then you should mega-dose o­n fish oil until you get your diet back o­n track. By mega-dose I mean take 8 to 10 capsules a day of the fish oil. Also, drink o­nly distilled water.

This diet plan, other than the fish oil thing, which I threw in because it works amazingly for me when my skin starts breaking out, is the basic outline for the diet from the acne-free program.

You can order this diet plan o­nline.

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This diet has worked wonders for me, I am now finally off anti-biotics 100%. I used to be o­n minocycline 100mgs twice a day. I don’t use any harsh chemicals o­n my face now either. I now have a much more positive outlook in life than I have had in the past 7 years.

I did develop a mild case of Candida, from my long-term use of anti-biotics, which hindered my progress at first o­n this diet. Candida is an extremely difficult problem to overcome o­nce it has overgrown in your system for a while, because the yeast gains the ability to reproduce rapidly anytime high sugar/grain/dairy/ yeast products are ingested.

This problem is actually reaching epidemic porportions in western society, because of all the anti-biotics we ingest in the meats we eat, dairy products we ingest, and all the refined foods, and high sugar foods we eat. Candida strikes hardest in people who take anti-biotics over a long period of time.

I have found a natural cure that works in an AWESOME way at killing off the overgrowth of yeast in my system. It should work for you too! My natural cure consists of a drink made with water, psyllium husk and seeds, bentonite clay, and caprilyic acid, which I take in the morning. I also take acidolpholous at night.

Caprylic acid o­n its own is not an effective supplement against yeast infections, because most of it is broken down in the liver (which is also hard o­n your liver) before it can effectively kill off a substantial amount of yeast. The psyllium escorts the caprylic acid through to the bowel, and also presses it against the intestinal tract which kills off the Candida.

The bentonite acts like a sponge, holding o­nto the dead yeast cells and toxins and helps the psyllium pull the unwanted toxins and debris out of the body.

Olive leaf extract and garlic are also effective anti-fungal supplements.

I know all of this probably sounds like information over-load to a lot of you, but I think its worth it to look into trying some of this stuff. I feel 10x better since I’ve been taking the above formula to get rid of Candida overgrowth. I want to feel this way all of the time. And my skin for the first time in years is staying clear o­n its own without me having to worry about it. This diet has become a habit for me now, and I don’t find it very difficult to maintain anymore.

For people who are used to eating a lot of junk food o­n a daily basis switching over to this type of diet will be hard o­n the system. This will be because it will be something you are not used to yet. The switch may even cause a temporary initial break-out. If you stick with this diet, and Candida cleanse if you need o­ne, I think you will find the final results are well-worth the effort.

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