Marie’s Sensitive Skin Regimen

Hey everyone! This is my first time actually going o­nline and posting a comment of something very personal. If you have very sensitive, yet combination skin like me this regimen is for you. Let me tell you first, I’ve used everything, from proactive, murad, dermanew, taken prescription steroids, to doing laser, and other regimens to clear my bad acne…and nothing worked. So I thought about what I was doing wrong? It was all the chemicals that were in all the treatments I used…it made my skin so bad, that I was embarrassed to even go out. So I web research to find something natural, pure, something that won’t harm my skin and will give me results…I discovered “Sense”!!! Totally organic, all natural skin line. And this stuff is the best!!! And like I said I’ve tried EVERYTHING!!! From the most expensive, department store skin care, to the cheapest target brands, such as clean & clear to aveeno…try this regimen if you have sensitive and want to get rid of those harsh chemicals that can damage your skin…

the website is

-go to products

-select country

-select Sense

Gentle Daily Cleanser
Hydrating Toner
Serum Intensive (night time)
Daytime Protective Emulsion lotion (day)
Rice Bran Polisher exfoliate skin o­nce a week
Well that my regimen, good luck everyone!!! I wish you the best at your results!!!

Added: Sunday, November 11, 2007
Reviewer: Marie

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